Sony has slightly modified some scenes

Viewers have noticed some changes in the making of the third installment of the Spider-Man Adventures at Marvel and Sony.

Broadcasting on the big screen doesn’t necessarily mean the end of development. Whereas Spider-Man: No Way Home is a hit all over the world, Sony has made some minor changes to the film. Spotted by very picky spectators, these upgrades to Jon Watts’ feature films were shared on social networks.

They mainly concern two scenes. As we will be covering plot elements, we do not recommend that you continue reading this article if you have not yet had a chance to find out Spider-Man: No Way Home At the movie theater. For others, here’s what has changed.

*** Warning Spoilers ***

The first scene to be seen again, the confrontation between Norman Osborne and the Goblin changes perspective. As pointed out by a spectator, the director finally adopted another camera angle to transcribe the internal duel that the character undergoes. A way of supporting the switch of the scientist into madness, and his will to escape from this evil double.

The other change is less discreet since it concerns the visual effects. During the most anticipated scene of the film, which brings together Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire for the first time on screen, we can indeed see that Sony has reviewed its copy. Portals, borrowed from Doctor Strange, are now more detailed.

Spider-Man on his way to the Oscars?

At the start of the year, the studios are working together to offer themselves a place of choice at the Oscars ceremony. Sony also hopes to win the bet with the third installment of the adventures of Peter Parker. According to a survey by The Hollywood Reporter, the firm is going out of its way to get a nomination for the best film of the year. Lobbying supported by Disney, yet its rival for many years.

It must be said that such a reward would be a boon for both companies. So far, only one film of its kind has been in the running for the precious award. It is not about The dark knight but well of Black panther directed by Ryan Coogler. He did not ultimately win the Oscar, awarded at the time to The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro. Chance or not, the director has just released a new feature film which could well appear in the list of films in competition. We will have to wait a little longer to discover the nominees of this year 2022. So to your predictions.

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