Sony HT-S400, a wireless sound bar with good features

Sony HT-S400 is the new sound bar that the Japanese giant has just added to its catalog. A wireless model with 2.1 channels that allows you to emulate the surround sound of movie theaters in your living room.

Sound bars are one economical and very easy way to install to enhance the audio of a TV. And they are necessary for the minimally demanding users because the audio quality of the display screens is usually quite subdued.

There are models with all kinds of designs to save the aesthetics of the room; they can be placed on furniture or on walls in a few minutes and many times without the need to pull cables; They offer that level leap to support advanced features like multi-channel HD, conveniently emulate surround sound experiences and support the most advanced technologies, and they’re available for any budget because there are decent models under the $100 barrier.

Sony HT-S400

To speak of Sony in audio is to speak -in general- of quality and performance. The model at hand is a premium mid-range that will significantly improve the sound of any television. Offers 2.1 multichannel audio and for this includes a separate wireless subwoofer to a set with total output power of 330 watts.

The bar has front speakers with proprietary X-Balanced Speaker Unit and Separated Notch Edge technologies. A rectangular speaker design that maximizes diaphragm area and reduces driver distance while maintaining sound pressure, resulting in less distortion and more vocal clarity. This is achieved with notches on the outer edges that help control tension on the inside and outside of the diaphragm’s edges.

The bar adds a Generous power and size subwoofer, 160mm, and wireless connectivity so you don’t have to worry about cables. It’s meant to add that level of deep, quality bass that’s often a TV’s biggest lack. Note that the bar simulates the surround sound with Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround technology and support for Dolby Digital via HDMI and optical connections.

Installation is very easy, especially if you are using Sony Bravia TVs as it uses a automatic A2DP connection via Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in user interface, soundbar settings automatically appear in the quick settings menu for this series. Of course you can use it with models from other manufacturers.

Sony HT-S400, a wireless sound bar with good features 31

The bar includes a remote control designed to be used with one hand and has several predefined modes of use, Voice mode (voice) to improve dialogues or Night mode (night), so that users can watch TV without waking anyone. The bar includes a OLED screen that offers information about the status of remote control functions, including input source, volume, and sound settings. Finally, for those concerned about the environment, note the use of recycled plastic in various parts of the device.

The new Sony HT-S400 soundbar will be available at April 2022 for an estimated price of 270 euros. It is a type of product that you will not change for many years, so if you want to improve the sound of your television with some quality, it is a model to value.

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