Sony INZONE M3 is a monitor for “gaming” at 1080p and 240Hz

sony announced monitors INZONE M3 and M9 a long time ago, but while the second, which supports 4K resolution and a frequency of 144Hz, appeared a few months ago, the first has been delayed until recently, at least in the United States. The IZONE M3 is a more “modest” and cheaper model than the Z7 and Z9, since its screen is 1080p and lacks full array local dimming, but makes up for it with the fact that it works at 240hzso we find a product aimed at those gamers who are looking above all for fluidity and low latencies.

The Sony INZONE M3 has a size of 27 inches, the same as the INZONE M9, although with the aforementioned cutouts. This product is yet another attempt by the Japanese giant to penetrate the PC gaming hardware market.

The lack of full-array local dimming on the part of the Sony INZONE M3 results in less spectacular contrast, especially when using HDR in games like Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. In exchange for that, he offers a 400-nit lighting, supports HDR10 and HLG, and features DisplayHDR 400.

The 240Hz refresh rate is accompanied by a low latency auto mode; variable refresh rate (VRR) on PC with G-Sync compatibility, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series; connecting devices via HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort or USB Type-C; in addition to a KVM switch included (not to be confused with the virtualization solution for Linux), so it allows you to control two computers with the same mouse and keyboard. As accessories includes a DisplayPort cable.

Although the INZONE M3 and other Sony monitor models are aimed at the PC market, the Japanese-born company The opportunity will not be wasted to make these products make use of certain features of PlayStation 5. In this case we find two functions that automatically adjust the best settings depending on the content that is being projected on the screen. It’s capable of auto-mapping HDR tones in the same way as some Bravia TVs and can switch between game and movie modes without any input or modification from the user.

The Sony INZONE M3 has already been launched in the United States and can be reserved from Spain at the price of 699 euros.

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