Sony is quietly launching a new PS5 model in Australia

Sony has just launched new versions of the PS5 in Australia. No big changes on the horizon, since the modifications are mainly technical for the assembly lines. For example, both PS5s weigh less.

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The PlayStation 5 has the right to a new model. Sony has quietly launched in Australia two new versions of its classic PS5 and its Digital Edition. No changes for the consumer, the modifications being internal.

Dealers on the island have in fact found that the new PS5s received were stamped CFI-1200A and CFI-1200B. They therefore replace the CFI-1100A and CFI-1100A models which themselves had replaced the CFI-1000A and CFI-1000A in 2021. For the player, this changes absolutely nothing, but it does show changes at the production level.

Lighter PS5s sold in Australia

The particularity of these consoles is their reduced weight. They thus lose a little more than 200 grams compared to the previous ones. The classic version weighs 3.9 kilos while the Digital Edition version weighs 3.4 kilos. For now, that’s all we know about these models. They have not yet been put on sale, and therefore not yet dissected to understand where this weight loss comes from.

Anyway, these versions should gradually arrive internationally. To know which PS5 you buy, just look at the model number which is indicated in very small on the box… if you find one.

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The PS5 has lived a complicated life since its release. Constantly out of stock for almost two years, it undergoes full force of the semiconductor crisis and inflation. Not long ago, Sony even decided to increase its price, the machine earning 50 euros in Europe. An unprecedented situation in the world of video games. For all these reasons, don’t expect a Slim or Pro model anytime soon. Chances are that Sony is already working on the subject, but the current situation is not really favorable for a release. In any case, the Japanese company continues to improve its machine little by little in order to increase its production.

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