Sony is updated with the arrival of “PlayStation PC” to Steam

Despite the good reception of the PS5, during these last two years we have seen how Sony began to expand in a different way than expected, bringing some of its exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, Days Gone and even God of War to PC, with the promise of continuing to expand this catalog little by little under a first temporary exclusivity for their consoles.

And is that this week the company has shown its strong interest in this new field, renaming after the last State of Play held yesterday the studio under which their games were being published on Steam, changed from the PlayStation Mobile label to the clearly more concise one «PlayStation PC». A name that, as indicated by the Corporation Wiki list, would have been registered already during last April, and that although it is not more than a small formality, without a doubt indicates the strong commitment with which Sony intends to increase its production of your games on this platform.

In his latest remarks, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, said that the opportunity to bring PlayStation IPs to a wider audience, as well as a simpler port process, meant that make more PC games is «quite a simple decision” for the company.

In fact, we saw previously how the company referred to a strategy focused on «grow, innovate and evolve the PlayStation platform», speaking of PlayStation as a platform and ecosystem, implying that it does not necessarily have to be linked to a specific hardware as consoles have been until now.

And it is that although without a doubt their PS Now service still has quite a few details to polish compared to the competition, without a doubt cloud gaming and streaming to other platforms is, like expansion to PC, one of the new flanks on which we could see Sony expand.

Although looking to the nearest future, what we can confirm is the arrival of other of its most recent and iconic exclusives to computer, with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy jump confirmed for 2022, and rumors of the adaptation of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which appears to have been leaked into the Steam database this week.

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