Sony patents its own removable PlayStation 5 cases

After suing several manufacturers for the creation of customizable PS5 cases, Sony has finally shown its true intention behind these movements, patented its own design of removable and interchangeable side panels. Something that, beyond the arrival of own plates, could also open the door to license agreements for third-party companies to create and sell their own.

Originally submitted last November 5, 2020A few days before the official launch of the console, it appears that the document was not published on the USPTO website until November 16 of this year, possibly the date on which its approval was achieved.

Shared by OPAttack, this patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows Sony’s designs for removable PlayStation 5 faceplates, allowing for further customization of the console, with an ability to easier and more comfortable exchange. Thus, this could open the door not only to the arrival of some new special versions for some of your upcoming exclusive games, but could also even lead to the arrival of new shape formats.

And it is that although Sony has always defended the controversial design of its PS5, it is more than evident that the console is not designed for landscape orientation, coincidentally one of the most used forms in the homes of the players.

On the other hand, in the case of a leak prior to any type of official communication, for the moment it is not known when or at what prices these cases will be marketed removable PS5. In fact, it is quite possible that we will not see news until the normalization of the production of the console itself, which currently faces a shortage of units for the entire Christmas period.

However, it is a much easier product to make than the console itself, so Sony could really start production at any time.

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