SONY PS5s: less weight, new fan, but more temperature?

The new console has been briefly tested by a user who has been able to get a model directly from Japan, which would have arrived as the new CFI-1100B model. The update touches key aspects and as a result of what can be seen in the video and the first analyzes, the new console is something badly stopped, or not?

SONY PS5s: an update that improves some aspects

Let’s start with the positives and end by discussing the negatives. First, the console gets a new fan, with an improved blade system that would be attached to the center and axis of the fan, which improves the loudness by a few decibels.

Although the airflow and static pressure have not been measured, the natural thing seeing the improved design is that better values ​​are obtained at the same RPM, or equal values ​​to the previous version, but with less dBA and some lower watt. Specifically and in terms of loudness, an improvement of 1.4 dBA is obtained, which is not a very big difference, but it is appreciated.

The second update has to do with the anchor screw, which is now thicker and can be inserted or removed by hand, without the need for a screwdriver, simple and easy, but it is not representative as such. The important point comes with the weight. The new 11 Gen PS5 weighs 300 grams less, why?

A controversial heatsink change

When opening the new model what we will find is something that we could already feel with having a 10 Gen console and another 11 Gen in the other: the new PS5s weighs less. The answer comes from your heatsink, which is clearly different and at the center of all the controversy.

The first tests reveal a difference of 3 degrees up in the new model, but it is true that measurements are not being taken at the same points of contact. This is because the new heatsink is quite different from the old one. In the first place, the copper cover that welded the entire heatsink and its heat pipes disappears.

Second, the body of the heatsinks has been modified and although they continue to form three blocks, they are now completely redefined. The lower body and thicker in diameter are dispensed with for a much more vertical and elongated body that runs along the entire profile of the console.


Now, this heatsink is crossed by four heat pipes while the remaining two go directly to the second and central body of the heatsink. The part that is in direct contact with the SoC gets a smaller body, crossed by the 6 heat pipes and with an aluminum support instead of copper. The question is simple, is it a better heatsink in itself? Although it is being criticized that there is a higher temperature in it, the reality is that this means that it is extracting more heat from the SoC and therefore it could have some degree less, matching or improving the performance of the console.

In addition, by using less copper SONY would have reduced costs, reduced weight to the console and apparently with this new heatsink it can be cooler thanks to being more efficient in the internal air flow and its new fan. There is no SoC temperature data at the moment, but for sure we will have more on this topic throughout the week, as everything is a bit up in the air.

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