Sony reinforces its commitment to PC gaming with INZONE, discovers its new headphones and monitors

The world of gaming is not new to Sony. The Japanese giant has played a very important role over the last two decades in this sector with the PlayStation console, a brand that enjoys a great reputation and to which all video game lovers have given, to a lesser or greater extent, a small piece of our hearts. In my case, I have very good memories of the original, and I also got PS4 a few years ago to enjoy its exclusives.

And speaking of its exclusive games, these have become an important part of Sony’s new strategy since, as we know, the Japanese company has approached the world of the PC with some of the most important PlayStation franchises, including jewels like Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War, among others.

The fact is that Sony’s interest in the world of PC gaming is not limited to video games, a few days ago we had the opportunity to attend an exclusive online event where we met the INZONE family, a new generation of peripherals of high benefits with which Sony aspires to become a benchmark within the sector. Today we can finally share with you the most important details of this event, so make yourselves comfortable, you have a lot to read.

Sony INZONE Gaming Headset

sony headphones

Sound is one of the most important elements of any video game. Music can create emotions, immerse ourselves in a unique way in the action and transmit unique sensations. Think, for example, of how you felt when you first heard the theme dedicated to Tifa in Final Fantasy VII, or the value of sound effects in bringing realism to many scenes.

Sony is aware of the importance of sound in video games, and that is why want to raise the bar on PC with your INZONE Gaming headseta range that is made up of three different models with which the Japanese company covers what we could consider as mid-range, high-end and premium high-end:

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  • INZONE Gaming H3: Mid-range wired headset features 360-degree spatial sound for immersive gaming, soft nylon padding on the ear cushions, and a Discord-certified microphone. Its price will be 100 euros.
  • INZONE Gaming H7: It’s a high-end wireless headset that maintains 360-degree spatial sound and a soft nylon finish, as well as a Discord-certified microphone. They have Bluetooth connectivity and have a range of up to 40 hours of use for each battery charge. Its price will be 230 euros.
  • INZONE Gaming H9: It is Sony’s top-of-the-range model. These wireless headphones maintain 360-degree spatial sound and Bluetooth connectivity, but they have a premium finish thanks to the use of synthetic leather on the ear cups, they have active noise cancellation, they have lighting and they offer a battery life of up to 32 hours with noise cancellation. noise off. Its price will be 300 euros.

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All Sony INZONE Gaming headsets have a very careful design and ergonomics, can be used while recharging the battery and offer an autonomy of hUp to an hour of use with just 10 minutes of recharging. This is especially useful if we forgot to recharge them, but need to use them and can’t wait.

Sony INZONE Gaming Monitor


The image is another of the most important pillars in the world of video games. Having a powerful graphics card is essential in this regard, since the resolution at which we can play, the technologies that we will have access to, and the quality and fluidity that our favorite games will offer will depend on it. However, this sometimes leads us to forget about a basic peripheral, the monitor.

It is true that the graphics card will do the hard work, but it will be the monitor that will show the final result of this. If our monitor has a low-quality panel, poor color space reproduction and is not compatible with the advanced technologies that our graphics card incorporates, our user experience will leave a lot to be desired.

monitor sony 2

Sony is also aware of this, and has shown its good work with the new INZONE Gaming M3 and M9 monitors, which are designed to offer an outstanding user experience both when used with a gaming PC like when paired with a PS5.

Both are supported by the INZONE Hub software, which allows access to numerous useful functions, such as the “FPS mode”, which adjusts the brightness and contrast so that we can better see our enemies, the dark tone equalizer to also improve the visibility, and other features like crosshairs and timer. We can also use it to control numerous monitor configuration settings.

Sony reinforces its commitment to gaming on PC with INZONE, discovers its new headphones and monitors 56

  • INZONE Gaming M9: It is a high-end monitor that uses a 27-inch IPS-type panel, which means that it offers perfect viewing angles at 178 degrees. It has 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), a refresh rate of 144 Hz, a latency of 1 ms from gray to gray, it is DisplayHDR600 certified, it is compatible with G-SYNC and VRR, it has a KVM automatic switch to control two Connected PCs with a single keyboard and mouse, includes an LED lighting system and reproduces 95% of the DCI-P3 color space. It has two 2-watt stereo speakers and its price is 1,099 euros.
  • INZONE Gaming M3: This model is a cheaper version of the previous one. It maintains the 27-inch IPS panel, but its resolution is 1080p (FullHD, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels). The refresh rate of this monitor goes up to 240 Hz, it maintains the latency of 1 ms from gray to gray and it is DisplayHDR400 certified. It also has the automatic KVM switch, is compatible with G-SYNC and VRR, reproduces 1,070 million colors and also has two two-watt speakers. Its price has not been confirmed yet, but we know that it will not be available until the end of the year.

Sony reinforces its commitment to gaming on PC with INZONE, discovers its new headphones and monitors 58

Both monitors have been designed to take up less space on the table, they are adjustable in height and inclination, which translates into good ergonomics, they have a reserved space to facilitate cable management and they have a wide range of connectors, including two HDMI 2.1 outputsa DisplayPort 1.4, a 3.5 mm jack, a USB Type-C, a USB Type-B and three USB Type-A.

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