Sony still does not teach the PS VR2, but now we know more about them

We knew that with the arrival of PlayStation 5, we were going to see a new generation of virtual reality glasses. And although Sony has taken too long to release news, the new PS VR2 are official. And no, we still do not know what shape they will have, but we already know their entire sheet of Specifications, which at the end of the day is what interests us, the players. The new peripheral promises, because not only does it have spectacular features, but it also shows that Sony is strongly betting on this new gaming system.

The first year of life of PlayStation 5 has passed and, between the scarcity of exclusive titles and the difficulty of getting one, the truth is that, for many, it is as if time had not passed. Fortunately, this 2022 it seems yes or yes, PS5 will finish booting. Not only because a most interesting catalog is coming, but because Sony has already officially announced that we will have new version of your virtual reality headset.

Sony validates the image with a thousand words

The Japanese have published each and every one of the Product Details. Everything, except the design, although the truth is that we can consider it as something secondary.

Regarding the name, the Japs have not warmed their heads too much, and will be called PlayStation VR2. They will be composed of two displays with OLED technology, with a resolution of 2000 by 2040 pixels for each eye. The frame rate will be between 90 and 120 Hz, and the maximum angle of view will be 110 degree. We will be able to adjust the separation of the lenses to achieve the best possible comfort.

The VR2s will come equipped with a good set of sensors that will serve to collect all possible information about our environment:

  • Motion sensor: with a 6-axis motion detection system, composed of a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Infrared proximity sensor, known as the “attachment” sensor.

Similarly, this second generation of virtual reality glasses from Sony will have a total of six cameras. Four to perform the tracking of movement and two more to perform a eye tracking using an infrared camera.

The connection to the console will be made through a USB type C cable and the helmet will feature a integrated microphoneas well as with an output connector.

The DualSense is divided in half: VR2 Sense arrives

sony vr2 sense

The controls are also going to receive a good update, and they are very much in line with what we have already seen with the Valve Index. The new controls have been dubbed PlayStation VR2 Sense. They will inherit the DualSense haptic technology, which will also be present as the vibration inside the helmet. This set of elements will be responsible for transmitting all kinds of sensations through feedback.

What else do we know about PlayStation VR2?

Playstation VR deals

When does PlayStation VR2 go on sale?

In the official information that Sony has published on its official site no release date mentioned of this new device. Are heard rumors that we will have it in stores this same year. It has also been announced that Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be the first title which will be compatible with these new virtual reality glasses for the next generation console.

Will it be compatible with PS4?

The chances are slim that Sony will make its peripheral compatible with a previous generation console. What we do take for granted is that will take advantage of the entire catalog of PS4 VR games which are now compatible with PlayStation 5 thanks to backward compatibility.

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