Sony unveils details of the Forbidden West

At the dawn of its release on PlayStation, Horizon Forbidden West tells us more about the people of the game, especially the tribes of the west.

On February 18, players on PS4 and PS5 will finally be able to taste a brand new AAA, the long-awaited sequel toHorizon zero dawn. Called Horizon Forbidden West, this opus will transport us to an unprecedented region of the world, in which Aloy will encounter new challenges to overcome. Among them are the tribes of the west, so far cataloged as strong adversaries.

In an explanatory video, Sony tells us more about these peoples, and their specificities compared to the other enemies that we have encountered so far. But we will also find tribes already known, such as the Carjas or the Osérams. Here is what you can expect.

Familiar faces on the program

First of all, we will be dealing with the Osérams that the studio describes as “A people of clever revelers and builders”. These will be found in the most eastern villages of the map, as well as the Carjas villages, a people who are spiritual and rather fearful. These two tribes will be the ones that link us to our previous adventure, and will therefore be on the border between the forbidden west and the playable area of ​​Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the region called Mélopée, there are fields contaminated by a substance harmful to machines, and certainly also to men. If we are told that the Utarus peoples are singing to save their land, Aloy will surely have to conduct his own investigation in order to help this part of the world sustainably.

Enemies even more powerful than before

Finally, in the westernmost region, there is a formidable tribe composed by the Tenakths. These are brilliant warriors divided into three distinct clans. They do not all have the same abilities and do not follow the same rules of life. Therefore, it is possible that some of them could become powerful allies, and others formidable adversaries. They all the same face the threat of this new opus: the rebels of Regala.

Glimpsed briefly during a State of Play devoted to the game, these enemies will be the main antagonists of the adventure, having real war machines on their side to put a spade in Aloy’s wheels. It was they who held Erend prisoner. A fifth tribe is also planned, the most powerful of all, but nothing is yet known about it, except that it will be necessary to set sail to find it. However, we feel that Sony does not want to place it in the camp of the adversaries… at least for the moment.

See you on February 18 to discover the rest of Aloy’s adventures on the borders of the Prohibited West, a real gathering of the strongest tribes that we have seen so far.

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