Sony wants to create a movie based on the video game Dreams

Above all used as a creator of mini games, Dreams will be exploited by Sony to create a very original animated film.

Sony Pictures has big plans for the coming year. After the release of the film Uncharted, which is expected in theaters by February 16, the firm is working to produce an animated film whose rights have just been recovered worldwide. This one is called A Winter’s Journey – understand a winter journey – and is going to be produced using a hitherto unseen technique. Indeed, Sony intends to use one of its homemade video games to achieve its ends.

As Deadline reports, this is the game dreams, released in 2020 and which is itself a mini-game factory, but not only. It’s actually a creative title that gives you the tools to produce games, but also works of all kinds, such as music, paintings, animations, sculptures or even… films. Sony’s work could therefore be an ultimate advertisement for its game, while the firm will try to demonstrate all its capabilities.

A film based on a musical work?

About the film, Sony told the outlet that ” we’ve never seen a project quite like A Winter’s Journey, which promises to marry world-class filmmaking and extraordinary painting techniques with one of the greatest song cycles in music history. The public will welcome this unique theatrical experience with joy. »

Because indeed, the animated film promises to mix several genres, as well as different styles, from love-action sequences to special effects in CGI, passing through hand-painted sequences. The whole thing will in fact be an adaptation of Schubert’s musical work, named Winterreise, which originally consisted of 24 pieces for voice and piano. This tells the story of a poet who, for love, finds himself crossing the Bavarian mountains at the beginning of the 19th century.

A 4-star cast

As for the filming of the live-action sequences, it should begin in June in Wrocław, Poland. Casting level, a panoply of actors have already been recruited. We will then find the very famous John Malkovich, Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), or Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald), among other more or less known heads. The producer, Jörg Tittel, and the film’s original creator, Alex Helfrecht, said:

We feel the need to escape to a different world filled with beauty and timeless music. We’re fortunate to work with some of the world’s greatest actors, artists and musicians, and we couldn’t find a better partner than Sony Pictures Classics to bring our film to a variety of audiences. »

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