Sony wants to turn your real objects into virtual objects

Sony is finally stepping up the pace in the field of virtual reality with this 3D scanner that projects your objects into the virtual world.

A few days ago, at CES 2022, Sony finally unveiled the specifics of its next virtual reality headset, the PSVR 2. While this is an area in which the manufacturer was no longer expected, the range of technologies used in the helmet has succeeded in giving us confidence for the future. Today, the brand is moving up a gear by updating one of its patents in the field.

This concerns a “3D scanner”, the usefulness of which would be found in a world ruled by the metaverse. The patent was filed last June and therefore brings nothing new, other than confirmation that things are moving on Sony’s side. Indeed, the company and the patent office have undertaken in the last days to make changes which means that the development of this technology is well underway.

On the drawing provided with the patent, we can see that the scanner is represented in the form of a small device, probably a stick, which must be moved all around the object that we want to insert in order to transport it. in the virtual world. Currently, there is no VR game that this technology would be compatible with, or even useful with.

sony patent 3d scanner
Credit: Sony

Utilities as varied as they are hypothetical

However, it is clearly not impossible for the manufacturer to get ahead of what it will offer us in the future, and it is not even excluded that the scanner can be used in standard video games. Indeed, there are many simulation games that are not anchored in virtual reality and which could be more integrated into our daily life thanks to this.

But how to talk about this technology without mentioning the metaverse? A 3D scanner of this type could indeed allow users to recreate their interior, and, for example, make decoration changes more easily, or define their usable space as faithfully as possible. So many possibilities that could be exploited in the virtual world that many companies promise us.

At the moment, it is not yet known whether the scanner will be directly integrated into the PSVR 2 headset, which has still not been officially unveiled. However, that could soon change, as rumors say that a State of Play is scheduled for next month, and that it could contain very (very) big announcements. As for the 3D scanner, the patent is still pending, which is why Sony is trying to specify the technology and the usefulness of the object as much as possible.

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