Sony’s new Glass Sound will continue to bring light and sound to your romantic dinners

The elegant sound

With a design that continues to maintain the timeless lines of its predecessors, this new LSPX-S3 has a portable design that will allow it to go quite unnoticed in any corner of the house. Although rather this speaker is to show it off, since thanks to its candle mode allows to offer subtle lighting that flickers in the same way as a candle would, a function that seeks relaxation and achieve a cozy atmosphere at the same time that we play our favorite music.

In total, they will be 32 brightness levels that we can adjust through its touch sensor integrated into the body, although we can also let the light illuminate to the rhythm of the music, being able to choose between 4 different lighting modes.

Crystal clear audio

Sony LSPX-S3 candle speaker

Like previous generations, the main characteristic of this speaker is that it has a design that allows it to offer spectacular sound quality. For this, it relies on Advanced Vertical Drive technology, which with the help of three actuators and the organic glass structure manages to vibrate the entire structure to spread the sound everywhere.

This is how you get a reproduction of 360 degree that produces very clear highs, leaving the bass for the 46mm speaker with passive radiator that is hidden in the base.

As is usually normal with this type of speaker, if you have a second unit you can configure a stereo system from the official application, so you will have a couple of very nice and original decorative candles as well as a fantastic sound system.

Luxury at your fingertips

Sony LSPX-S3 candle speaker

The official price of this new LSPX-S3 speaker is 350 euros, so we are facing a somewhat more feasible amount compared to the 600 euros that the previous version cost. Taking into account its design and its fantastic features, its price is comparable to that of any other high-quality speaker such as Sonos or the now-defunct HomePod, however, Sony has managed to stand out with a design that is practically a collector’s item.

The unit will hit stores starting in August, so it won’t be until then when we can get our hands on one. Taking into account the good impression that the previous generation left us, we are completely sure that this version will give a lot to talk about.

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