Sony’s original recycled plastic headphones are on sale on Amazon

The LinkBuds S True Wireless made with recycled plastic

We have some new True Wireless with an interesting offer peeking through the Amazon window and, how could it be otherwise, we had to tell you about it here yes or yes. It’s about the Sony LinkBuds S, button-type headphones, available in several colors, including one whose material is extracted from the plastic of recycled bottles. If for that reason alone you want to know more, we will tell you all the details below.

LinkBuds S, Sony’s smallest and lightest True Wireless

True Wireless headphones have undoubtedly become one of the most demanded technological products in recent years. And there is no place where we cannot use them: going to work on public transport, at home while watching a movie or simply enjoying music without disturbing others or doing sports, one of the activities in which the most we see in use. So much so that it is not surprising that practically all manufacturers in the sector have at least one model in their catalog or, in the case of sony, have a complete family of solutions for all tastes.

Within the aforementioned brand we find the LinkBuds S, a button-type proposal that is quite comfortable to use and with fantastic performance that will surely delight your demanding ears. It is a headset with Noise canceling (noise cancellation) and hi-res audio from the company’s smallest and lightest, thus offering a fantastic solution to use for hours without suffering any discomfort. This is also thanks to its comfortable design and the use of ear tips, which make the LinkBuds S fantastic True Wireless.

The aforementioned noise cancellation comes with ambient sound mode (so you can choose what best suits you at all times without having to take them off) and in terms of sound, enjoy Hi-Res Audio Wireless certifiedfurther ensuring crisp and clear calls during conversation.

A woman wearing the LinkBuds S True Wireless in black

Water resistant, they have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivitySpeak-to-Chat function (which automatically pauses the music when you start a conversation) and its autonomy is in the 20 hours (with charging case, of course), being able to enjoy up to 60 minutes of playback with only 5 minutes of plugging.

LinkBuds S True Wireless earbuds up close

In the case of the Earth Blue color version that stars in this article, it is a model made with the resin resulting from plastic of the typical water dispenser bottles. The result is a very striking and original marble type finish, which will surely not leave you indifferent. The other colors in the family also come in plastic-free packaging and even use recycled materials from car parts.

Good deal on Amazon

If you are interested in everything you have read and you have just decided on these original headphones, know that you can now get them at a good price on Amazon. Both this Earth Blue version and the other colors in the collection (white, ecru and black) enjoy a 16% discount, which means that you can purchase the model that you like best for 149 euros, instead of 179 euros officers that cost –therefore you save 30 euros on your purchase.

Sold by AmazonIf you order today, you can have them at home this Sunday the 19th. What are you waiting for?

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