soon cameras in watches to take selfies and Face ID?

After smartphones, Apple could well place cameras in its future Apple Watch models, as one of the company’s patents has just revealed. The watches could notably be used for biometric authentication.

A man uses an Apple Watch
Apple Watch / Credit – 123rf

A patent recently disclosed by Apple titled “Wearable electronic device having a digital camera assembly” indicates that the company envisions a wearable device with a “protuberance” to a camera located above the watch dial and positioned on the watch strap.

The next Apple Watch could therefore look like the Wristcam accessory, which also uses a camera above the dial. Apple especially wants the camera of the Apple Watch to be sleek rather than bulky. ” Although some electrical components, such as a camera, may perform desirable functions, the integration of these components may result in a bulky device that may hamper user performance, be uncomfortable to wear, or not be suitable for perform certain functions “.

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The next Apple Watch could have a camera

Apple does not want to integrate any type of sensor into its Apple Watch. The patent reveals that Apple plans to use a camera from 0.9 MP to 12 MPand that she is able to capture video up to 4K at 30 or 60 frames per second.

Apple watch with camera

According to the patent application, “ the digital camera can be used for a variety of purposes, including, by way of non-limiting examples, face identification, fingerprint detection, QR (Quick Response) code reading, videoconferencing, biometric monitoring (e.g. heart rate monitoring), photography, video or image capture, or any combination of these “. It must therefore be versatile enough to be able to do all this.

Above all, we note that Apple wants use their watch for Face ID, i.e. use Face ID on the device. Your Apple Watch could therefore well be used to connect to a site with biometric authentication if your iPhone is not nearby. Now that Apple is going to bet everything on passkeys to replace traditional passwords, an Apple Watch equipped with a camera could therefore well arrive at an auspicious time.

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