Soon you will be able to watch any YouTube video in 4K thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Surely more than once we have seen a video on YouTube in a quality that seemed to be from the early 90s. And it is that on the Microsoft video platform we can find clips with resolutions ranging from 360p to 8K, being able to choose manually the quality we want based on our Internet connection. The problem comes when a video is in a very low resolution and we don’t have it available at a higher resolution. And, the solution to this, has just been presented by NVIDIA at CES 2023.

NVIDIA is the largest manufacturer of gaming graphics cards on the market. That is why it is normal to find all kinds of technologies designed to improve the multimedia experience of its users. Since the arrival of the 2000 series, known as RTX, All kinds of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence have begun to be implemented to improve the quality and performance of games (Ray tracing and DLSS), functions to improve the quality of live broadcasts (NVIDIA Broadcast) and now a new technology that will allow you to convert any video, in any resolution, in 4K quality directly on your PC.

This is how the new video rescaling works

This new technology has received the name of «RTX Video Super Resolution«, and its operation is similar to the scaling of DLSS games. Thanks to it we can convert any video, with a resolution between 360p and 1080p, and a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, in 4K quality. And, as we can see in the following video, the improvement in quality is more than remarkable.

In order to make use of this technology we are only going to need three things. The first one is to use a supported browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, something that we all have at hand. The second, having an NVIDIA RTX graphics card from the 3000 or 4000 series, something already a little more complicated. And the third, which does not depend on us, is to have the compatible driver that enables this function.

NVIDIA already implemented everything necessary to be able to use this technology in Chrome and Edge last October 2022, therefore, if we have one of the aforementioned graphics, our PC will be ready to start using this scaling. We only need the driver.

As stated by NVIDIA, the launch of the new 530.xx driver that will enable this function for all users is now ready for launch, and it will arrive imminently for all users. As soon as we have it installed we can start using it.

Waiting for AMD’s move

If we have an AMD RX series graphics card, surely in the future we will have a similar function, since it also has Artificial Intelligence cores that we can use to improve our gaming experience. However, the wait is going to be long (as was the arrival of Ray Tracing on these models), so if we want to be able to use this function, either we upgrade to an NVIDIA RTX 3000 or 4000 series, or we we sit and wait.

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