soon you will pay more for any service on the Internet

Cloudflare raises the price of its monthly plans

The Cloudflare Plans Upload It is significant, since it is the first time that it has happened since the Pro and Business plans were launched in 2017. They are services that website owners can contract to be protected against DDoS attacks. Specifically, the Pro plan goes from $20 to $25, while the Business plan goes from $200 to $250.

This increase will not be immediate, since current customers and those who register before January 15, 2023 will not pay this increase until May 14. Furthermore, to help Reduce costs A novelty is that Cloudflare now offers an annual plan, which is discounted and cheaper than hiring it month by month.

But why is this so significant? The fact that services like Cloudflare are raising the price makes us think that many more will follow. After all, many pages contract services of this type, so they are going to have a higher expense that in some way may have an impact on end customers. For example online stores, cloud storage services, etc.

In many cases, these platforms indicate that the reason for the price increase is because they are investing in infrastructure in order to offer a better service. This is the case of Cloudflare, which they assure that they are investing in the construction of their network and in improvements that users will enjoy.

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Improvements that end up increasing the price

But of course, those improvements eventually end increasing the price of services. In addition, the increase in costs for these companies must be taken into account. For example, the increase in the cost of energy, something that will cause the price of cloud services to rise, for example. Also the increase in certain raw materials and equipment components.

All this is going to make us enter a 2023 where it will be common to see that many services that we use in our day to day and for which we pay money, start to cost more. Streaming platforms, paid email providers, paid VPN, cloud storageā€¦ These are some cases in which we will most likely start to see widespread uploads.

In short, as you see cloudflare will increase the cost of their services in a few months. It is something that may extend to other platforms that we commonly use on the Internet. The increase in certain costs and also certain improvements that they are going to implement, may mean that in 2023 we will see widespread increases. We will have to wait and see to what extent it will be like that.

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