Soon you will receive two great news in Windows 11, discover them!

Initially, the new Microsoft operating system was launched with important innovations regarding the software interface. But a project of this importance cannot only focus on its external appearance, which is why the company has also wanted to work on other very important sections to Windows 11.

Before the final updates arrive for users who have migrated, many of the new features are tested through the insider program of the signature. These receive the most recent tests released by Microsoft to see if they are worth it in the final version. In the same way, the insiders are in charge of looking for possible failures and thus reporting them and correcting them. That’s not all, thanks to this microsoft programthe rest of us have the possibility of knowing what is coming to the operating system, among other products of the firm.

As has happened for years with Windows 10, now projects are sent in the form of tests for the news that will come to Windows 11. It must be taken into account that Microsoft is betting heavily on this operating system, so failures can be paid dearly. In fact, at this time we could say that the migration from the old system to the new one is not being as fast as expected. The reasons for this are several.

On the one hand, we find ourselves with the impediments that those from Redmond put up, for example with the minimum hardware requirements they request. In addition, there are certain behaviors and functions of the new Windows that do not convince many. However, this is something that Microsoft tries to alleviate to a great extent and that we will see over the coming months.

Interesting news that you will soon see in Windows 11

A clear example of all this can be found in the two features that the firm is currently working on. This means that predictably in a few weeks we will be able to enjoy these functions in tests right now, in the final version of the operating system. First of all, we will talk about a function that tries to improve our experience of family safety check. This is something that takes place when we use a child account in Windows 11.

So we will have a lot more control over what little ones do on the PC when a request for additional airtime is submitted. As we see, this is a feature related to security and parental control in the system. But as we tell you, Microsoft is giving a lot of importance to the Windows 11 interface and look in your daily use. Hence precisely the arrival of the second of the functions as we will tell below.

And it is that we will have the possibility of changing the wallpaper automatically thanks to the images offered by Windows Spotlight. These will automatically appear on their own as a desktop background, something that already exists on the lock screen. It is worth noting that this is a feature that we will have the possibility to activate or deactivate from the System Configuration application. And it is that many users may still prefer to use their personal backgrounds and themes to decorate the Windows 11 desktop.

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