Soon your Teams meetings will have much better sound quality

We cannot deny that Microsoft Teams It has become an essential tool for both personal and professional use. And, with the arrival of Windows 11 and the new chats, it is going to continue to grow without a doubt. However, this platform has some weak points that, for now, have not been solved. We speak, for example, of the sound quality of meetings, presentations or webinars when we transmit some type of sound that is not our voice, such as, for example, a song.

It is very common to transmit content that is not exclusively our voice through Microsoft Teams. Some musicFor example, it can help make presentations more enjoyable, or help users pay more attention and not fall asleep in longer meetings. The problem is that, right now, the quality of the music that we can include in our video calls or presentations leaves much to be desired. However, very soon this will change thanks to the new Music Mode.

This is how Microsoft Teams Music Mode works

The goal of this new mode is to allow users to stream high-fidelity music to enhance their presentations or lessons. In order to use it, users must activate and configure it before starting the meeting by clicking the music icon that appears in the Teams toolbar.

This new mode will make the Teams client optimize internal audio processors to significantly improve the quality of music or video streaming. Once the option is enabled, Microsoft Teams will automatically adjust the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth on each client. In this way, music can be transmitted at 48 kbps without affecting the sound quality of the rest of the conversations. Users will also be able to activate very interesting additional functions such as echo cancellation or noise suppression so that they can have better quality when listening to what is important.

Teams Music Mode 2

Of course, Microsoft recommends that this option only be activated when content that is other than voice is going to be broadcast, such as a song or a video with music. In addition to not improving the sound quality of voice-only meetings, Teams will consume more RAM and bandwidth unnecessarily. Microsoft also recommends that, when using this Music Mode, the computer is connected by cable for a better experience.

When does this news arrive?

Microsoft plans to start activating this novelty to a small group of users by the end of this month. And, little by little, to reach more users until, in mid-September, all users can enjoy this novelty. Users of Office 365 GCC High and DoD they should receive this sound enhancement by October this year.

Along with this novelty, which will reach all users, Microsoft is working very seriously on the app Teams for macOS. Users of Apple’s operating system will receive very interesting news in the coming months, starting with the expected native notifications. And, surely, in the coming months they will also receive features similar to those of Windows 11, such as the new quick chats or integration with the desktop.

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