Sound making has never been easier, how do you learn BeatMaking quickly?

Anyone who wants to break into music these days may consider themselves lucky. But if technologies have evolved, making beatmaking more accessible than before, sometimes it takes a little help to become a real beatmaker.

If most of the time, they move in the shadows, the beatmakers are decisive in the success of a song, especially in rap or hip-hop. Yes, when we know that a good instrument can turn a simple sound into a real hit, the role of the “sound maker” is essential.

Beatmaker, a passion that can become a profession

Beatmaker, rhythm designer, sound maker… These are all terms that designate the profession of someone who composes instrumental pieces of rap, hip-hop, RnB but also other registers.

A few years ago, beatmakers weren’t recognized as they are today, not necessarily being cited or credited by the artists they worked with. But today, things have changed a lot. Skread, Metro Boomin, The Motif, WondaGurl, Hugz Hefner are now well known names to music lovers.

In addition to highlighting, the profession of beatmaker has benefited from the development of technologies. Yep, creating sound was not easy at the time. It was necessary to obtain the material, heavy and expensive. There was also a need for a computer, and some may have forgotten about it, but it was not as widespread as it is today. The choice of material was also much more limited.

But with the democratization of computers, the Internet and increasingly accessible software, making sound has never been easier. Can’t understand your software? No worries, there is necessarily a YouTube tutorial that will help you. So you have everything you need to try and create the sound of tomorrow.

How to become a beatmaker?

Well, having everything at hand to become a beatmaker is good. You still have to know how to create a sound. And a good one. That’s a different kettle of fish. To excel and break into beatmaking, there are two solutions.

The first is to try it for yourself, in your room or elsewhere, over and over again. To work hard. Many. It takes time and patience. Acquiring the skills of a good beatmaker is a winding road. But it is possible to have a little help to speed up the process. A shortcut, in a way.

With the highlighting of this shadowy profession, some now offer courses to learn how to do beats, especially on Fiverr. You can learn the basics of beatmaking with passionate and experienced artists. This does not mean that you will be able to compose a hit by miracle, but these courses will give you a solid and necessary base of knowledge. When you are guided, it is immediately easier …

Try Fiverr

One, three, five hours? Small or big budget? French or English speaking teacher? Any particular software you want to work on? On Fiverr, you can easily choose the offer that suits you to learn the basics of beatmaking.

How about offering beatmaking lessons for Christmas?

As Christmas approaches, offering beatmaking lessons online can be a good idea. Original, tailor-made, creative, you might just touch THE gift of the year with your fingertips. Yes, maybe you have someone close to you who wants to try their hand at beatmaking and who doesn’t dare to do it? Now is probably the perfect time to reach out to her and make her happy. And then that’s a change from the usual soulless gift card, right?

Offer a beatmaking course on Fiverr

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