South Korea claims $ 46 million from Apple

A couple of years ago, Apple was found guilty of force the country’s operators to pay for the advertising of their devicess in the media. The new Academy for Developers that will begin its journey in 2022, was part of the agreement that Apple reached with the government to settle the complaint.

However, it seems that the thing did not end there, since a representative of the South Korean government affirms that Apple has $ 46 million to pay regarding this issue.

By making operators pay for media advertising for their products, an advertisement that cost $ 25.3 million, Apple has to pay $ 36.4 million in taxes. derived from the income generated by that advertising and to which is added a fine of another 10 million as a penalty, so the amount pending payment is 46 million dollars.

According to the Korea Times, Deputy Jang Hye-young, from the Ministry of Justice, affirms that this it is only the beginning of the derived costs that Apple has to pay.

Apple Korea has been investigated by the Korea Fair Trade Commission for unfair practices against local mobile phone operators, and the National Revenue Service must collect corporate tax that Apple Korea failed to pay through inspections, amidst these circumstances in which the company has made a profit.

Taxes should be imposed on the company for the profits made by passing the promotional expenses to the associated companies through having abused their dominant status in business relationships.

In 2019, Apple’s division in Korea I agree to change the way I operate in the countryBut he did not plead guilty to the allegations stating that they had done nothing wrong but wanted to focus on doing even more for their clients in the country.

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