Spain becomes a Cloud Region in 2022

Spain is of increasing importance to cloud infrastructure and service providers. This is demonstrated by the announcements, which have been taking place since the end of 2019, of the opening of new zones of the main cloud providers In our country. For now already Google Cloud, IBM, Amazon AWS, Microsoft and Oracle have confirmed their opening.

Amazon was the first to announce that it was preparing to open a cloud region in Spain. It did so at the end of 2019, and although in principle it assured that it would be available towards the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, finally will open it in the middle of next year. This new AWS infrastructure region will be made up of three Availability Zones, that is, three clusters that in turn are made up of multiple data centers.

The AWS region in Spain will be in Aragon and will allow the company’s customers to run workloads and store data in Spain. All in addition to reducing latency in connections. In its development, a part of the 2,500 million dollars that Amazon plans to invest in Spain over the next 10 years will be used.

At the end of February 2020 it was Microsoft the next to take the step of announcing the opening of a new cloud region in Spain. To do this, the Redmond have teamed up with Telefónica, which will allow Microsoft to offer its intelligent cloud services, from Microsoft Azure to Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365, to its national clients from the country. In addition, Telefónica will take advantage of the agreement to accelerate its digital transformation, with Microsoft as a strategic cloud partner. The new cloud region of Microsoft data centers in Spain will be available in 2022.

Google cloud was, in November 2020, the third cloud infrastructure and service provider company to announce the creation of a cloud region in Spain. But for this they have also decided to partner with Telefónica. Thus, what will be Google’s first cloud region in Spain will take advantage of the infrastructure that Telefónica has.

It will open in Madrid, and will also allow Telefónica Tech customers, which will reinforce its multicloud strategy with this movement, to have more possibilities in terms of comprehensive solutions with the combination of the operator’s infrastructure with Google’s Mobile Edge platform Cloud. As with the AWS region, the Google Cloud region will have three zones in Spain, a configuration that is used to prevent the service from being affected by interruptions or breakdowns. Currently, the region is in the process of development, and from Google Cloud they expect it to be up and running also in 2022.

Since the announcement of this region, almost a year passed until IBM confirmed in September 2021 that it is going to open a multi-zone cloud region, a type of region known as MZR in Spain. It will be the first for IBM in the country, and it will also be in Madrid. It will also have low latency and three independent zones, so if there is a failure in one of them, only that one will be affected. The others will continue to function normally. The name of one of its first large clients is also known: Caixabank, which will also take advantage of IBM’s financial services cloud. In this case, the region will be opened a little later than the mentioned one, since will go into operation in 2023.

The last to confirm the next launch of a cloud region in Spain has been Oracle. He did it last October, when it was already in development. Thus, the company has announced that it will open it in 2022, but it is foreseeable that it will do so in its first months, since the opening of this region was announced with that of another 13 zones, and the one located in Spain will be among the first of them to come into operation.

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