Spain closed 2022 with 58,500 million in public tenders

Tendios closed 2022 with more than a million tenders worth 58 billion euros. The public tenders platform hopes to increase this figure in 2023, due to the good prospects for this year in the field of public procurement.

“It is expected that electronic application will increase and, above all, improve, which will lead to greater diversity in the application of technical criteria on the existence of an electronic signature or certificate depending on the contracting authority”explains the co-CEO and co-founder of Tendios, Albert Riera.

Among the sectors with the highest number of tenders so far this year are health services (27.4%), construction (10.3%), expendable medical supplies (6.1%), software packages and information systems (5.6%), IT Services: consulting, software development (3.2%), Internet and support, among others.

“These sectors continue to maintain their hegemony among those that accumulate the most tenders due to the complexity of the projects and the effect of the European Next Generation funds, which have promoted many initiatives by city councils and autonomous communities”maintains Albert Riera.

The Catalan startup, which has sent tender notices through the platform for a total value of 1,000 million eurospoints out that the winning companies with the highest number of bids obtained are Endesa, Iberdrola, Medtronic and Repsol. “These companies, with a long history and experience in the public sector, stand as the companies with the largest number of projects awarded”says the co-CEO and co-founder of Tendios, Albert Riera.

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Deserted public tenders increase

in 2022 2,600 tenders were abandoned compared to 2,550 in 2021, exceeding 1,001 million euros in 2022, due to the rise in the prices of raw materials and the rise in interest rates that put companies in trouble to adjust to these budgets, in addition to the enormous amount of information and published bids and awards that companies are unable to review.

“Apart from the current economic situation, the large amount of information causes the loss of opportunities for Spanish companies. To solve this, Tendios issues thousands of notices every day that allow companies that work for the public sector to be aware of all the opportunities that arise through bidding and that could end up with part of these deserted bids”points out Albert Riera.

It should be noted that Tendios advises in real time of the tenders that best suit a business or professional taking into account their business activity, avoiding waste of time and resources in the search for tenders, awards, minor contracts… In this way, it makes it easier for private companies to work with the public sector.

In addition, the platform reports analytics, competitors and discount proposals based on budgets that allows companies to save a lot of time and prepare more solid proposals.

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