Spain enters the European e-commerce billing podium

We Europeans have changed our consumption habits in recent years, for different reasons, not always related to the pandemic. Spain It’s already him third country in Europe with the highest turnover thanks to online sales, reaching the figure of 68,400 million euros in the last year.

In 2021, 76% of Spanish Internet users said they make purchases online on a regular basis. According to European consumer regulations, the seller is responsible for the merchandise until it is in the hands of the end customer. So this boom in ecommerce is a important challenge for both retailers and their logistics to keep up with this rapid growth and offer a quality service to consumers.

In this scenario, different startups in the logistics sector are betting on the market of our country thanks to its forecasts of continuous growth. One of them is the Italian Qapla’, whose founders Luca Cassia and Roberto Fumarola, aware of the shortcomings in shipment tracking communications, saw an opportunity to solve it and build customer loyalty. client.

The company, which already had two offices in Italy, in San Casciano (Tuscany), and in Varese (Lombardy), has decided to increase its commitment to Spain with the opening of a subsidiary in Barcelona. A young and multidisciplinary team of 5 people dedicated exclusively to the Spanish market.

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40% growth in 2022

“We are aware that the Spanish market is one of the fastest growing in ecommerce and that is why we wanted to bet on strengthening our presence on the peninsula with a local team that can provide a personalized response to Spanish brands. A clear commitment with which we plan to grow up to 40% during this year 2022»says Roberto Fumarola, CEO and co-founder of Qapla`.

Qapla’ is an integrated system that allows from the shipment tracking with more than 150 carriers, to the printing of personalized labels and notifications to customers. Renowned brands such as La Chinata, Smeg, Moschino, Kiko or La Perla have already entrusted them with the management of their shipments.

«We feel very comfortable with the software because both to us, as a company, and to our clients, it transmits peace of mind, security and guarantees. Qapla’ is super flexible and helps us to be able to integrate in a general and complete way with our growth and with any possible changes that may occur»María Conejero, head of marketing at La Chinata.

«Thanks to Qapla’ we have been able to integrate the tracking of the different carriers in a single platform[…] Before, the management was more complicated because we send with different carriers, but thanks to Qapla’ both clients and us save time by having the information in one place» declares Bernard de Paauw Solé, CEO Spain of Enclosures Raja Spain.

Qapla, focused on its international expansion, is strengthening its executive team with the addition of new key figures, including COO Ludovica Cantarelli; CFO Giuseppe Arturo; and the new CGO Sara Cendaroni, in addition to enhancing their customer service departments for Italy and Spain.

As explained by his country manager for Spain, Raquel Llorente: «Our strong point is surely Post-Shipping Marketing: with Qapla’ it is possible to easily personalize all communications to end customers in all phases of delivery that they receive from the shipment of the merchandise from the warehouse, that is, those that the consumer opens and read more eagerly. You can add offers, recommended products and everything you want in html language. The only limit is fantasy.

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