Spain is above the global average for online sales in the third quarter

According to the quarterly study Salesforce Shopping Index, online commerce in Spain has experienced a sales growth of 14% during the third quarter of the year, three points above the global mean, with respect to the same period of the previous year. These data represent a slight improvement compared to the previous quarter, in which growth in our country was 7%, while at the world level it was then 3%.

Spain’s figures also exceed the world average in terms of to traffic to ecommerce websites and to the quantity of orders. Both variables experienced drops of 2% year-on-year in all the countries included in the study, while in our country, both grew by 8% compared to the third quarter of 2020.

As for the favorite devices to buy items on the internet, the mobile phone continues to be the star for Spaniards, monopolizing 77% of traffic to online stores (compared to 72% globally) and being the means used to place 64% of orders (compared to 61% globally).

Down in average spending and conversion

There are two variables in which Spain, together with Italy, presents the lowest data in the study: the average spending per buyer and visit is at $ 1, when the global average is at $ 2.80, and the conversion rate is 1.2% (well below the 2.4% global). The average value of orders in our country is also below the global figure, with 76.91 dollars in Spain compared to 103.43 worldwide.

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The study also reveals a high cart abandonment rate (that is, unfinished purchases) in our country: 91% in the case of mobile purchases and 84% if we do it from the computer. These percentages are notably higher than the global average, with abandonment rates of 86% on mobiles and 77% on computers.

Regarding the product categories, the ones that grew the most in this quarter globally are:

  • Furniture (59%)
  • Bags and suitcases (37%) Luxury bags (30%)

In contrast, the categories experiencing the largest declines worldwide are:

  • Beauty and hair (-36%)
  • Food and drink (-21%)
  • Beauty and makeup (-19%)

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