Spam: Orange detected 120 million unwanted calls in 2021

The Orange Telephone application spotted over 120 million spam calls last year. If your subscription to Bloctel works only moderately, if at all, the operator provides users with rather effective tools to protect themselves.

Orange, the number 1 operator in France, announces that it has detected or blocked more than 120 million unwanted calls in the year 2021. Telephone spam is a technique still widely used and this figure clearly illustrates that the service Anti-canvassing Bloctel shows serious limits in the filtering of unwanted calls.

Orange Telephone, a handy application for making and receiving calls

For Orange, this data is an opportunity to highlight its application Orange Phone, which can replace the native Google Phone app on Android smartphones. It is through this that the operator detected these famous 120 million spam calls. This means that in reality there have been many more since not all French people have Orange Telephone installed on their terminal.

The application offers a anti-spam and unwanted call blocking function. The user is warned before picking up if it is a call “potentially malicious”Or canvassing, to which there is a good chance that he does not want to answer. It is also possible to manually enter a number into the system to automatically block any call from it.

Orange Telephone can also be useful thanks to its inversed annual. Thanks to a partnership with 118712, it is possible to know the identity of a business number that calls us before picking up. And in the event of a call to a premium rate number, the app warns the user that they are liable to pay additional costs in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The exact amount of the per minute charge is even indicated.

Finally, a list of emergency numbers for the country in which you are located is available from the interface. In short, if you did not know, know that the Orange Telephone app is really complete and practical to replace the very basic native app to which we are entitled on Android.

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