Spanish companies waste up to 35% of their investment in cloud software

According to data from Sastrify, Spanish companies waste, on average, up to 35% of economic resources used to acquire technological tools and services in the cloud. The company, which specializes in SaaS license acquisition and management processes, has reached this conclusion after analyzing data from the first cloud investment savings calculator on the market.

Companies are using more technology than ever, especially after the digital rush caused by the pandemic. However, many are not aware that automatic license renewals, unrequested new features of some tools or lack of use by many employees are some of the many factors that increase the price they pay for technology, without pass on any added value”indicates David Alonso, Country Manager of Sastrify in Spain.

In an adverse and uncertain economic context, having control of spending on technology (one of the highest items for certain companies) and having an intelligent and proactive investment strategy is an opportunity not to lose competitiveness”, Alonso points out.

In addition to extracting general market data, any business can use the calculator to accurately estimate their cloud savings potential. To do this, all you have to do is add to your website the tools you use in areas such as communication and collaboration (such as Google Workspace, Zoom or Microsoft 365, for example), project management (eg Asana or Trello), CRM (1Passowrd , Hubspot, eg) and cloud hosting (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), as well as the estimated average spend on them.

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