Spanish hackers are spying on you just for using Windows, Chrome or Firefox

Everything related to safety when we work with our different devices, whether mobile or desktop, has gained special importance lately. We can receive attacks and be victims of vulnerabilities from the least expected routes, as is the case that concerns us in these lines.

We must bear in mind that we are increasingly working with more private data and sensitive information that we do not want to fall into the wrong hands. We do this through certain programs that we use on the computer or that we store on the disk drives. We tell you all this because at the moment a group that is in charge of analyzing threats and that belongs to the giant GoogleYou just made an important discovery.

We are referring to a certain attack that takes advantage of the vulnerabilities of important programs that we use on a daily basis. In fact, it is an espionage carried out over the internet that has been linked to a Spanish software company based in Barcelona. To give you an idea of ​​the seriousness of this, the exploit framework is now known to target vulnerabilities in Windows Defender, Chrome Y Firefox.

Surely these software solutions are more than familiar to most of you, hence the seriousness of the matter. At this point, it should be noted that this security group belonging to Google, among other things, is in charge of monitoring companies that allow governments to spy on political opponents, dissidents or journalists. All this through a series of specific tools for surveillance. We must bear in mind that what we are telling you and through the aforementioned programs, that espionage right now can affect anyone.

Beware of these programs in Windows, they are spying on you

After this discovery, for its part, the aforementioned company based in Barcelona claims to be nothing more than a provider of bespoke security solutions. But as the Google security group has learned, the truth is that the reality seems to be much more dangerous. According to the search giant, this Spanish software company is one such commercial surveillance provider globally.

windows spy attack

The firm in question is actually a company that claims to be a provider of bespoke security solutions. These are the statements published by Benoit Sevens and Clement Lecigne belonging to the google security group. Worst of all, their findings point to active exploitation of n-day vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox, and Windows Defender. In this way, the aforementioned company provides all the necessary tools to deploy a payload on the target device.

The operation of the espionage process that we are talking about, initially uses a web framework that deploy the exploits of web rendering errors. It then installs malicious elements on the target system, while a second web framework carries the payload in a PDF containing the Windows Defender exploit. For all these reasons, this group from the search giant affirms that the growth of the search industry spyware puts users at risk. It also makes the Internet less secure by putting Internet users at risk through widespread programs.

Despite all this, they assure that they will continue to take measures against the commercial spyware industry and make the discoveries they make public, as is the case.

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