Spanish plus medium-sized companies already account for 18% of GDP

The medium-sized Spanish companies plus, with turnover between 50 and 500 million euros, have a turnover of 221,000 million euros, which already represents 18% of the GDP of our country.

Plus medium-sized companies continue to gain weight in the Spanish economy. This is confirmed from the CRE100DO Foundation in the study “The importance of the Medium Spanish Company Plus for the country’s economy”, according to which, this segment of corporations that “combines the power and scale of the large company with the flexibility and drive of the smaller ones” already they invoice 221,000 million euros per year, which is equivalent to 18% of Spanish GDP.

Likewise, the strength of this segment is also reflected in the generation of more than one million jobs, which represents 7% of the workforce in the private sector, and its greater presence in the industrial sector than the average of Spanish companies, with 32% compared to 6% on average.

These data highlight the important role of these medium-sized Spanish plus companies, currently made up of approximately 1,800 companies in our country and which, for the CRE100DO Foundation, are more stable and resilient organizations. In this sense, the study highlights that this is because “They operate internationally, in turn generating value at the national level; they focus on creating long-term value and invest heavily in innovation; and, due to their geographical distribution, they contribute to densifying the Spanish business fabric “.

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Currently, 63% of the medium plus companies in our country are located outside Barcelona and Madrid, compared to 44% of the rest of the large companies.

Medium-sized companies plus, an added value to the economy

Another aspect highlighted in the CRE100DO Foundation report is the importance of these organizations for the Spanish economy since they have characteristics of the new production models towards which the economy must evolve, with larger companies producing goods. and higher value-added services.

These characteristics make medium-sized plus companies some more competitive and resilient organizations, operating force from our borders and committed to its employees, to innovation, sustainability and the environment in which they operate.

These are values ​​that play in favor of the performance of these companies, which contributes significantly to the reactivation and economic growth of Spain. For this, it will be essential that they have the support and adequate attention as pointed out by Rafael Vaquero, general director of CRE100DO, for whom it is relevant “Greater public-private collaboration, a fundamental aspect to promote the growth and innovative development of these companies with great potential”.

In this sense, the person in charge also highlights the importance of taking advantage of medium-sized Spanish companies plus “As a lever to promote the creation of qualified employment, increase the resilience of our productive sector, develop the industrial sector, promote innovation, sustainable development and the digitization of companies”.

With all this, together with its geographical location, CRE100DO underlines the key role of these organizations in promoting the economic development more homogeneously throughout the Spanish territory.

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