Spanish sweet exports grow by 18.3% in 2021 and reach a new record

According to the Spanish Sweet Association (Produlce), the Spanish sweet sector has increased exports by 18.3% in 2021, reaching a new historic record with a turnover of 1,586 million euros. These figures are 13.7% higher than pre-pandemic levels (2019), and are a reflection of the strength and dynamism of the sector.

As for the volume, more than 600,000 tons exported and a new record in trade balance is also obtained, with 556 million euros, 30% more than in 2020, which represents a great economic contribution to the country through international trade.

In the words of Ruben Morenogeneral secretary of Produlce, “These very positive data are a reflection of the great effort made by the companies that make up this sector, and of the international recognition that, year after year, values ​​the quality and competitiveness of this industry”.

Export mix by region

Taking into account the main regions as a destination for the export of Spanish sweets, with sales of close to 1,100 million euros, Europe again guides growth with 17.3%, despite the fact that its contribution to the geographic mix of markets falls slightly (from 69.8 to 69.2% of total exports), a consequence of the diversifying strategy that the sector has been reinforcing for years and where markets such as the US or Morocco are becoming more established each year.

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America is consolidated in second place, with growth of 13.7% to 229 million euros, representing 14.4% of international sales. And Africa already surpasses Asia in third placewith a new extraordinary year-on-year growth of 36.8%, to sales of 115.5 million euros.

Growth in all six product categories

Growth of over 15% has been detected in the six product categories that make up the sweets sector, which shows that aspects such as innovation, reformulation or expansion of range are contributing are contributing positively in the industry.

Highlight the category of nougat and marzipanthe main victim of the fall in 2020 (-18%), and that with a growth of 25.5% already exceeds foreign sales in 2019, reaching 56.9 million euros.

It is followed, by year-on-year growth, by another of the categories that in 2020 registered a slight drop (-5.1%), candy and chewing gum, which with growth in 2021 of 20.7% marks a new historical figure, 489 million euros, and records sales 14.5% higher than in 2019.

cocoa and chocolate it also registered a year-on-year growth close to 20% (19.7%) and reached sales of 424.4 million euros. It occupies the third position of the sweet, with 26.8% of foreign sales.

At around 15%, growth is underpinned by the category of biscuits, with sales of 443.2 million euros, and with 27.9% of foreign sales in the sector. Pastry and pastries have obtained sales for 113.9 million euros and bakery for 59 million euros.

Main destinations of Spanish sweet exports

The first three destinations of Spanish sweet exports are consolidated -France, Portugal and USA- with year-on-year growth of around 10%.

For its part, the United Kingdom stagnates in fourth position, with a figure very similar to 2020, a figure probably motivated by the new scenario of the Brexitbut which reflects that exports in the British country remain unchanged, which given the complex circumstances that this market presents, is quite an achievement.

As to Italya significant growth is observed, 44%, gaining the fifth position to Germany, which, however, also shows a large increase compared to 2020 (22%).

Putting the focus on the Moroccan market, it is becoming increasingly stronger, with an increase in sales in 2021 of 37.7%. This data is matched by the strong recovery of the Netherlands, which grew by 28%, and that of Belgium, which increased by 27%.

Finally, the significant rise in Poland stands out, a country that, despite remaining in tenth place, increased its sales by 52.7% and already threatens Belgium’s ninth position.

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