Spark mail client is updated by adding shared inboxes

For several years now, we have had at our disposal the Spark mail application, an application created by the developer Readdle, a free update for private users that offers us a large number of functions, functions that are gradually being expanded in order to do so. reach a greater number of companies, not just individuals.

The Ukrainian company has released a new Spark update for macOS, a very useful function for work teams: shared mailboxes. This new function allows different people to access the same Gmail or Google Workplace inbox, assign tasks, set deadlines, check progress …

Readdle wants companies that already use Spark to be able to get more out of the application and stop using other similar solutions. This new functionality is only available to Spark Team users.

What’s new in the latest version of Spark for macOS


Share access to your inbox with anyone on your team, without sharing or revealing passwords. This ensures that the security of the shared inbox is never compromised.


See clearly which team members have access to the shared inbox, so you are always up to date. Quickly add or remove anyone’s access to your inbox from Settings.

Team productivity

All incoming emails in the shared inbox are automatically available to everyone with access to it, eliminating the need to manually share each email. Spark notifies a team member when an email is assigned, and also when the email is marked as done.

Spark for Teams has a monthly price of 6.39 euros and allows you to use some of the functions that are only available through this paid version, such as no limit on the number of email templates, sharing mailboxes and email delegation, adding unlimited collaborators and offering 10 GB of storage per member of the team.

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