Spatial and Lossless Audio support on HomePod with the latest beta version

When Apple released spatial and lossless audio functionality, there were some gaps to fill. For example, it would not be compatible with some Apple devices and that frustrated users quite a bit. However, over time this has not been the case and little by little all the company’s gadgets are compatible. The one that will be shortly in the HomePod and HomePod mini.

With HomePod 15 beta 5, Apple has added a new functionality dedicated to Dolby Atmos within the Home app. Although not everyone running the latest beta will be able to find it, as some people never saw the lossless option on audio in previous versions. Which means that Apple is working to launch Dolby Atmos and Lossless support together on the two HomePod models.

To check if these functions are already enabled on your device, you must run the latest beta versions of iOS 15 and HomePod 15. Then, follow a few very simple steps: Open the Start application. We click on the icon located in the upper left corner. We choose “Startup Settings” and then we click on profile. Under “Media”, click on the “Apple Music” tab. We activate «Lossless Audio» and «Dolby Atmos». I would be ready to listen to music on Appel Music with the best possible qualities or at least those that the company currently offers.

This is one of the most anticipated functions by HomePod users and its mini model. Because let’s remember that we are talking about smart speakers but not at the height of those existing in the market, so their real functions are really limited to reproduction with music quality. These two qualities come in handy as well as will be very well received, updates from compatibility of these speakers with Apple TV 4K.Apple.

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