Spawn: McFarlane hires a new screenwriter for the film

With the arrival of a new screenwriter to write the film, it looks like the project to bring back Spawn on the big screen, despite the slow progress, he is still alive and well.

It is these days the news that Brian Tucker went into production on the film, ready to help Todd McFarlane write a story suitable for the feature film that will bring the demonic anti-hero back to theaters.

Spawn’s movie has a new screenwriter

Updates related to the Spawn they come with dropper and though Todd McFarlane believe in the project, the steps forward made in recent years to bring your character back to the big screen have been few.

Long ago the creator of Spawn had claimed to have an Academy Award-winning writer working on the film’s screenplay and now, a few years later, a new screenwriter has been hired to take the project forward.

The choice fell on Brian Tucker, author of Broken City (2013) and little else. If Blumhouse Productions is still the production company and McFarlane the director of the film, you are no longer sure that Jamie Foxx And Jeremy Renner are still involved in the project, having been a long time since the announcement of their presence in the cast of the film.

McFarlane’s idea of ​​the story to tell was mainly related to the characters of the two chosen actors, namely Spawn and Twitch:

There are two important roles in the script. There’s obviously Spawn, although in a weird way he’s not the most important character, and then there’s Cop Twitch. The latter is present in the comics since the first issue and I see him as a sort of Sheriff Brody (The Jaws). Even in that movie, despite the title being “The Jaws”, the eponymous protagonist wasn’t entirely in the movie, right? He appeared at the right time to make the film noteworthy.

Having been in the works for many years and with the new script change, who knows if the film will keep McFarlane’s guideline or if it will take a different path. The sure thing is that both McFarlane and producer Jason Blum won’t start producing the film until they have the right script. Despite the expected long wait, there is still confirmation that the film is still active and the hope that a good film adaptation of a successful comic will come out.


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