SPC EVADNE humidifier, analysis: 4 in 1

The smart home revolution came a long time ago and every time we have different gadgets that not only improve the quality of our home, but also become popular, reaching more accessible price ranges.

This could be the leitmotif of SPC a brand that provides complete technology at competitive prices. One of its latest products is a complete humidifier with the name of EVADNE. That not only humidifies the environment to improve its quality, but also includes virucidal action and aroma dispenser and night light. the humidifier EVADNE it is also smart and can be controlled from the mobile with the application of SPC IoT.

the humidifier EVADNE It is made of white plastic. It has a digital display where we can see both the humidity in the environment and the objective that we have set to achieve. If we want to control it from the device itself and not from the mobile, we have a touch panel with five buttons with which we can control the on and off, the power, the humidity, a timer and the UV light.

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With a round shape, at the top it has a lid. To fill it with water we can do it with a bottle or take the tank to the tap since it has a handle and can be easily removed. To put it into operation we just have to fill the tank, put the lid on, plug it in and turn ON. It will start to work and we can see the column of steam coming out that appears uninterruptedly while it is working. At the bottom we will see a blue light, this light is the night light, it is a decorative light that turns on by default every time the humidifier is on and to turn it off you must do it from the application.

Modes of use

the humidifier EVADNE It has three fog levels and by default it starts working with level 2 but we can modify it from the touch panel with the «MAX/MIN» button. The desired humidity can be dialed from 30% to 90%. Once these values ​​are set, the display will flash three times with the set value and then move to the current value. It also features a continuous humidity mode in which the humidifier automatically adjusts. These automatic adjustments will be the following:

  • When the target humidity is higher than 16%RH from the current humidity, the humidifier will work at mist level 3.
  • When the target humidity is 10%RH to 15%RH higher than the current humidity, the humidifier will operate at mist level 2.
  • When the target humidity is 1%RH to 9%RH higher than the current humidity, the humidifier will operate at mist level 1.
  • When the target humidity is lower than the current humidity, the humidifier will enter standby mode (The timer will continue to run). When the target humidity is higher than the current humidity, the humidifier will work again.

We can also activate a night mode that turns off the night light from the touch panel, pressing the “HUMIDITY” button for two consecutive times that turns off the light and the touch panel. As we have said before, the light can also be turned off, more easily, from the SPC application.

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If what we want is to establish a time of use, we can use the timer and mark the hours that we want the humidifier to be in operation.

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the humidifier EVADNE it will turn off only when there is not enough water in the tank and to indicate that it is out of water, the lower light will turn red.

special functions

One of the things that has caught our attention about this purifier is its UV light filter. According to the brand’s description, it is a germicidal light whose task is to sterilize the steam emitted by the humidifier to achieve a much cleaner, purer environment free of germs and bacteria that can be found in the ambient air. In other words, it is not so much that it cleans the air in the room, but rather that cleans up to 99.99% of the water with which we fill the tank so we make sure that the steam it emits and with which the room is renewed is as clean as possible.

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We can also use the EVADNE humidifier as an odor diffuser, for this it has a small tray with a cotton in which the oil is deposited. It is very important that the oil used is special for humidifiers and it should always be poured into this small tray at the back of the humidifier, never directly into the tank.

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In general, the operation of a humidifier is quite simple, but SPC has known how to complete it to make it intelligent. It offers us valuable information about the environment, to know what level of humidity the room is at and to know how long we have to start it up. The application gives us the possibility to automate it, even start it up away from home.

On the other hand, at this time it is always a valuable plus that it has cleaning and disinfection capabilities, so what the EVADNE humidifier does by disinfecting the water and ensuring that the steam it emits is as clean as possible, is also a point to please when choosing to invest in a humidifier.

The EVADNE humidifier is available on Amazon for €69.9.

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A powerful humidifier ideal for those who need it to breathe better in closed environments. The ability to disinfect the water and the emission of purified steam is a plus to opt for this superior quality humidifier.

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