SPC presents its new and versatile DREAMER PRO and BRAVE PRO

In the world of headphones, for some time now, gaming and pocket headphones seem to dominate the market, but proposals like this one from SPC, so interesting, remind us that there is a wide market space that is looking for devices that do not are located in both niches (broad, yes, but not universal) and that, instead, fit a more general purpose usage modeland that for price they are within reach of all pockets, without this meaning neglecting sound quality, both playback and capture.

The new DREAMER PRO and BRAVE PRO from SPC respond, from the first moment, to that need, with options for all kinds of connectivity (wireless, USB-A, USB-C and minijack), ambient noise cancellationl (ENC) and designs that allow us to use them both at home and at work, whether to hold videoconferences or voice conversations, play games or, the more traditional use of this type of device, listen to music.

As I indicated before, the connectivity options are the widest, and that is the SPC DREAMER PRO are 100% wireless, for which they use Bluetooth 5.0and are equipped with a battery of 400 ampscapable of providing the headphones with autonomy of up to 40 hours. In addition, they have a Qualcomm chip that provides them with double connectivity, so we can synchronize them simultaneously with two devices, something extremely practical in endless situations.

SPC presents its new and versatile DREAMER PRO and BRAVE PRO

For its part, the SPC BRAVE PRO offer us a wired solution in two versions, according to our needs, since we found a model with USB-C connectivity and a second in which they are combined USB-A and minijack, to maximize your connection options. In this model, the controls are integrated into the cable itself and provide quick and convenient access to all the most common functions. For its part, in the wireless model, the keypad is located on the headset itself, another equally comfortable and direct solution.

In all the models, SPC has opted for the ENC technology for active cancellation of ambient noise, designed to filter and clean the sound captured by the microphoneunidirectional and rotating 270 degrees, so that our voice always reaches those who are listening to us clean of background noise, something that is very appreciated in calls, videoconferences, if we are recording audio or video, etc.

In terms of compatibility, the SPC DREAMER PRO opt for Bluetooth 5.0, the most widely used connectivity standard, so you can use them Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS seamlessly, as well as with IP telephony devices and apps. And as for the SPC BRAVE PRO, depending on the connectivity you choose (USB-C or USB-A+minijack), you can use them on as many devices that have connectivity of these types.

The SPC DREAMER PRO and SPC BRAVE PRO are already on sale here and here, on the manufacturer’s website, and their prices are €69.90 for the DREAMER PRO and 44.90 for BRAVE PRO with USB-C, and 49.90 in the model with USB-A and minijack.

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