Spectacular shock between an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a Tesla

Even though recent iPhones have gained in resistance, there isn’t much they can do against a car going faster than 100 km / h. However, this iPhone 13 Pro Max which crashed into a fast-paced Tesla did not explode into a thousand pieces.

A “Ceramic Shield” screen and very strong stainless steel: the winning combination that gives the iPhone 13 Pro “exceptional resistance”, as Apple praises. Nevertheless, in extreme circumstances, these assets cannot do much to protect the smartphone.

The car took a lot too

On Twitter, @marvelwonderkat shares impressive photos of a collision between a Tesla and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Engaged on a highway at 113 km / h, the vehicle struck the smartphone which bounced right in front of it. It probably came from a car in the front, the user will have accidentally dropped it on the road.

The astonishing thing is that if the iPhone is unusable, it did not explode in shock. On the contrary, he got stuck in the car which also suffered from the shock. @marvelwonderkat explains that the iPhone didn’t bounce off the vehicle, it just stayed put.

Ultimately, this accident shows that the smartphone is still very resistant not to have been shattered. However, it is not sure that Apple uses the information to promote the sustainability of its product!

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