Spider-Man: a new trilogy of films with Tom Holland is coming!

If until last month Tom Holland he seemed to be unsure as to his future Spider-Man now, from the words of Amy Pascal, things seem to have definitely changed, considering that the producer within Sony has announced (decidedly surprisingly despite the numerous rumors of the past months) thearrival of a new trilogy which, listen hear, will be realized again by the major in collaboration with i Marvel Studios.

Tom Holland will be Spider-Man again, in a new trilogy that will arise from the collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios

On the occasion of a recent interview with Fandango, the producer of the Spider-Man films as well as the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, has dropped a bomb that has blown away all the fans of web weaving (and not only).

Here are the words that have been attracting the attention of the web for a few minutes:

This isn’t the last movie we’re going to do with Marvel – (this isn’t) the last Spider-Man movie. We’re gearing up to do the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel, it’s just not part of… we thought of this as a trilogy, and now we’re going to move on to the next three movies. This isn’t the last of our MCU movies.

Exactly. Not only Tom Holland will return in three new films as Spider-Man, but these will be realized once again by Sony in collaboration with Marvel Studios, as reiterated during the interview by Pascal:

Yes, Marvel and Sony will continue to move forward together as partners.

In short, the days of the divorce between Sony and Marvel, recorded in the summer of 2019, seem to be only a distant memory and, now, the future of Spider-Man and Tom Holland looks brighter than ever.

Pascal also spoke of the desire of fans to see Tom Holland grappling with Venom (Tom Hardy) or with Miles Morales and, in this regard, the producer stated:

I would say that there are so many things that we will be able to explore, but what we always have to do before deciding who will be the villain and what Spidey will be up against is: ‘what is the story we want to tell?’ What is the story of Miles Morales we want to tell? We always have to start from that. The good thing about these films is that they are as big as the canvas they unfold on, they are always stories starring a little boy.

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