Spider-Man and Venom: will there be a crossover in a future movie?

An explosive mix

The introduction of the multiverse in the next Spider-Man movie is not the only great adventure we could see Spider-Man in the future. As you know, the third installment of Marvel studios will present us with a kind of alternative reality -generated by Doctor Strange– in which mythical villains such as Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin will participate. Seeing our superhero facing them again is a real joy, however, many fans are still waiting for another face to face even more mythical if it fits within the world of comics: that of Spider-Man vs. Venom.

Given that this character has followed his own path in the cinema, with a film released in 2018 owned by Sony and a sequel about to hit theaters shortly, few believed that the two could eventually meet in a common film. It should also be borne in mind that the Venom on the big screen has followed a different trajectory from that of the comics, presenting us with a kind of antihero rather than a villain that even the public has grown fond of.

This makes posing a head-to-head in which Peter Parker beats Eddie Brock seem unlikely, however, some directors and even Venom’s protagonist Tom Hardy have spoken about it and are not ruling out such a crossover at all. .

Tom Hardy talks about the Venomverse

The possible crossover of characters is not as far-fetched as many believed. Andy Serkis, director of There will be slaughter, has spoken about this crossover in an interview and has pointed out that “obviously, at some point, the worlds of Spider-Man and Venom]are going to collide in a big way.” This was indicated:

All of those questions are the ones that we have not purposely focused on at this point. I don’t want to give any kind of false hope or false information about things that might happen in the future. Obviously, at some point, those worlds are going to collide in a big way, if we’re lucky enough to make more Venom movies, depending on this one. [segunda]. So, let’s see what happens in this one first, but I think there is still more to unveil in the Venomverse before we go there.

It is not the first time that Serkis assures that the characters will see each other’s faces, in the same way that Tom hardy, in charge of giving life to Venom, has also referred to it. The actor has not only shared several Spider-Man and Venom fan-arts on his social networks; He has also confessed that it is an idea that is on the table (not firmly, eye) and that obviously “you cannot make a Venom story without knowing that Spider-Man is in the mix. It is somewhere.

This suggests that since the first Venom installment, Sony already had in mind a crossover and that the idea still stands. Of course, who knows if with Tom Holland as Peter Parker in a new deal with Marvel or if it will be a separate story from what we have seen so far in the MCU.

Can you imagine a movie with the two Toms as protagonists in a joint film? Who would win?

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