Spider-Man fan? These are the funkos you have to have

Spiderman black suit

spiderman black suit

Exclusive editions of Funko Pop sell out fast, and that’s what happens with this Black Suit figure. The units what’s available in stores they are very scarce and limited, so if you want to get one, we anticipate that you will have to spend a lot of money.

80th Anniversary – Spiderman Gold

It’s not particularly pretty, we admit, but it’s part of a Funko Pop special edition, so its circulation is quite limited. Right now its price is not unreasonable, although shipping costs almost more than the doll itself at the time we write these lines.

Spider-Man (Big-Time Suit) Exclusive to Walgreens

This other figure with the Big-Time Suit also has the Exclusive label, which was launched in 2017 and it begins to fetch a somewhat serious price.

Venomized Spider-Man

spiderman venom funko

You will have it complicated if you want this Funko half Spider-Man, half Venom. The stock of this figure is quite limited.

Tom Holland Trilogy Editions

Fan of Holland movies? So these are your Funkos.

No Way Home – Spider-Man (Black and Gold)

spiderman black gold

Although we have seen Spider-Man: No Way Home, we are still unable to tell you how many different costumes Holland wore during the entire length of the film. This one, in black and gold, is one of the coolest in the whole movie, without a doubt.

No Way Home – Spider-Man (Integrated suit)

This is one of the suits you use Spider-Man (of our multiverse) during his end-of-course trip through Europe in which he has to face the optical illusions of Mysterio.

Spider Man Far From Home: Spider-Man (Upgraded Suit)

spiderman far from home funko

In Far From Home, Peter decided that he would take a break from being Spider-Man, and therefore, he did not put his integrated suit in the suitcase. But his aunt May, being a good mother that she is, puts the suit in his suitcase without him knowing it. And it doesn’t do any good, because Parker’s suitcase ends up being requisitioned when he gets off the plane. A little later, when the plot develops a little more, our protagonist they give you this other improved suit, which is the one we see in this figure.

Spider Man Far From Home: Hero Suit

This figure is much more classic and with a suit more similar to that of a lifetime. The character is squatting, a classic spider-man pose when resting on the rooftops of New York City skyscrapers. And with your iPhone in hand, of course.

Spider-Man: Homemade Suit (Homecoming)

spiderman home made suit

If something has always caught our attention about Spider-Man, it is his skill for sewing. The boy does not usually have a penny and is a complete out of series in science, but what we have never finished believing is that he buys Patrones magazine every month. Luckily, in Homecoming Common sense prevailed a bit, and we got to see Spider-Man in a pachanguero suit that seemed sewn with Peter’s leftover of his Quechua Decathlon t-shirts with holes.

Milles Morales editions

Our dear Miles Morales also has his own Funkos.

Miles Morales- Miles (Classic)

miles morales funko

The Miles Morales basic figure Allows you to put on and take off the hero’s mask to see his face.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales- Miles (Advanced Tech Suit)

There are several Funko that we are going to find of Miles Morales with his advanced technology suit. This is the basic one, but there are also Christmas versions.

POP Bobble: Marvel: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Miles

funko miles morales

In this nice (and expensive) figure we will have Miles Morales, with his mask half on and a yellow cape. The perfect Pop for you if you liked the cartoon movie.

Other editions

Funkos options are very varied and that is demonstrated with these other editions also available and related to our arachnid protagonist.

The Arachno

This edition is part of a Funko collection inspired by the Mexican wrestling competitors. There are 4 models in total, inspired by Spider-Man, Captain America, Venom and Thanos. However, knowing Peter Parker’s past in the comics (which is also reflected in Tobey MaGuire’s movie), the Arachno version makes a lot of sense.

Spider-Man Avengers Infinity War

Iron Spider is the Funko that completes the edition of Marvel: Infinity War. There are not many stocks of this product left today, but at least its price is still affordable, which is appreciated.

Spider-man without mask

funko spiderman no mask

We have been wearing a mask every day for two years and we know how annoying it is to breathe through it. The same thing happens sometimes to Spider-man, which ends up removing the mask to give it a little air.

However, when you are a superhero with a dual identity, removing your mask is something that can be really expensive. If you buy this Funko, please cover his face, lest J. Jonah Jameson go preaching to the four winds the identity of the poor kid.

Limited Edition Christmas – Holiday 2021

funko spiderman christmas

On this occasion, we have the figure of Spider-Man, turned into a cute gingerbread cookie, a Christmas sweet, although not exactly in our country. If you do a little research, especially in physical stores, you may find other figures of this christmas series that we even posted on this blog weeks ago. At the moment, it seems that Amazon is sold out, so if you are interested in this fun series, you will have to do a bit of searching.

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