Spider Man: No Way Home, a new photo shows Doctor Strange on the set

Peter Parker And Doctor Strange were immortalized in a photo on the set of Spider Man: No Way Home, where the two superheroes greet each other in front of the Sanctum Santorum in New York.

A new photo appeared on Twitter from the third installment of Spider Man, with the film currently in post production, due to arrive in theaters scheduled for December 2021.

Doctor Strange and Spider Man on the set of No Way Home

The latest MCU film to be released in 2021 will be Spider Man: No Way Home, perhaps the most awaited of all those to come. The film will focus on the multiverse and interact Peter Parker with other versions of himself and with old enemies like Doc Ock and Electro from previous Sony films.

If there is still no trace of the long-awaited trailer, the user Not3CFilm has seen fit to publish a photo taken on the set of No Way Home, which portrays Spider Man and Doctor Strange in front of a New York building.

The building in question is Strange’s Sanctum Santorum, which will likely serve as a refuge for Peter Parker now that his true identity has been revealed by Mysterio at the end of Far from Home.

Spider Man And Doctor Strange they had already met in Avengers: Infinity War, fighting side by side and creating some fun moments despite Thanos’ threat. Now Stephen Strange will be Parker’s new mentor, although we don’t know how much his character is present in the film.

The certain thing is that Spider Man will have to face the multiverse, which Strange knows well, and his suit will undergo updates that will allow him to use the mystical magic of the sorcerers. An indiscretion that came directly from the Hasbro and Hot Toys toys announced a few weeks ago.

The surprises that Spider Man: No Way Home will have to offer many and only the arrival of the trailer will be able to anticipate a few, such as the confirmation of the presence of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the film.

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