Spider-Man: No way home could win an Oscar… if Twitter users want it

Can you imagine a movie spider-man winning an Oscar? The point is that that has already happened with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versebut the phenomenon could be repeated at the Oscars 2022with a new category that they have launched and that depends on the votes of the fans… on Twitter. Indeed, if you want your spider men favorites win, you’ll have to go down to the social media morass and vote for her. We explain all the details.

The movie of Spider-Man: No way home It’s been left out of the best picture nominations, but that doesn’t mean it can’t win an Oscar. In addition to the best special effects nomination it already has, I could win another one, but it depends on the fans.

If you are one of them, pay attention.

Spider-Man: No way home has almost every chance to win the new “fan favorite” Oscar

As an innovation in this 2022, The Oscars have allied themselves with Twitter and have created a new category: the fan favoritewhich will be decided by popular vote.

Starting Monday, February 14, Twitter users can vote for their favorite movie of 2021 tweeting the title along with the hashtag #OscarsFanFavorite and #Sweepstakes.

And don’t hold back, because the votes will count for any film, even if it hasn’t received an Oscar nomination. That yes, if you are going to put the finger to start tweeting as if you were a bot farm, the truth is that you can, but votes are limited 20 times a day.

And if you don’t want to go down to the land of the trolls that is Twitter, tough luck. We understand and the Academy has put up a website for you to vote there too, but the vote is not available from Spain.

18 days to make Spider-Man: No Way Home win the Oscar

If you are from the legion that has made Spider-Man: No way home the third highest grossing Marvel film and one of the highest grossing movies in history overall, you know, the voting period is extended from February 14 to March 3. And not only that, maybe you can even be part of the ceremony, but yes, next year.

Three Twitter users who have voted will be selected for an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles. The idea is that they can present an Oscar at next year’s ceremony. I can’t imagine pulling a Twitter troll out of their basement, but it has to be to see it. What’s more, is not the only collaboration between the Oscars and Twitter this year.

From February 24 to March 3 there will be another contest on the social network in which users will vote for the #OscarsCheerMoment. Here the participants they will be able to decide what their favorite cinematographic moment of 2021 has been and the winning scenes will be shown during the Oscars along with tweets from fans. This vote also comes with a prize, since five lucky winners will receive movie tickets for a year, subscriptions to streaming and gifts.

As you can see, the Academy opens up to fans and the Internet, after reluctantly accepting the platforms of streaming. We’ll see what the thing is and who can compete with Spider-Man: No way home because at the moment has this Oscar sung.

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