Spoilers feature added to Telegram

One of the largest messengers to date, Telegram, a couple of days ago, literally at the end of 2022, released a very large update, which, in general, brings really worthwhile innovations. And if we talk a little more specifically about the new features, then among them it is worth highlighting, first of all, the hidden text to mask spoilers. And here it is difficult not to draw a connection between this innovation and the highly anticipated and popular movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. Waves of spoilers, expressed in a variety of ways, have clearly shown to all of us that the modern Internet is not capable of adequately resisting them and protecting from unwanted information all those who have not yet had time to personally familiarize themselves with this or that type of content.

And precisely in order to somehow help people to continue reading their favorite channels in Telegram and to conduct discussions in them, the messenger from now on allows everyone to select any section of their text and use spoiler formatting for it. Doing so will hide text in chat, notifications, and chat list. And only at the very moment when your friends are ready to read exactly what you think about this and that moment, which is a spoiler, they will be able to click on the text of this edited spoiler to read it. Be that as it may, this is not all that Telegram has decided to please us at the end of the year.

The fact is that in addition to the above-mentioned feature, Telegram now has a reaction function in the style of iMessage. This means that you can double-click on any message in order to put the mark “Like”. By pressing once (or by pressing and holding on iOS), you can select other emoji as a reaction, such as, for example, a smile, fire, a shocked face, or a thumb down. You can also change the default emoji when you double-tap in the chat settings on Android, as well as in the Stickers & Emoji section of the iOS settings. In private chats, by the way, reactions will always be enabled. But of course, the administrators of channels and groups can decide at their discretion whether to enable them, as well as what kind of reactions other participants can set. Another, much more useful “addition” to the messenger is that Telegram now has a really extremely useful translation capability.

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In the “Language” section in the settings, you can at any time enable the translation function, which will automatically add the “Translate” button to the context menu. It is also nice that you and I can exclude languages ​​that we understand without a translator, or that we do not encounter in the process of communication. In this case, the “Translate” button will not be available for messages that users will receive in these same languages. This translation function, by the way, is already available on all Android devices, while iPhone and iPad users will need to update to iOS 15 or a newer version of the operating system to be able to use the above function.

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