Spotify and Netflix team up to bring us the best soundtracks

Spotify and Netflix have announced a new partnership aimed at bringing Netflix-themed content to your Spotify homepage. Available from today, we can currently find it on Spotify the one dubbed “Netflix Hub”, a small page where fans can find songs from some of their favorite series and shows.

Accessing through this direct link, we can find and sing the music behind some of your favorite Netflix shows, all in one place.

To start this new experience, Spotify has presented an enhanced album experience for Netflix’s new action movie The Harder They Fall. Movie buffs and music enthusiasts alike will enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s soundtrack creation, directed by Jay-Z, and exclusive audio album coverings from prominent artists like Kid Cudi. Koffee and Ms. Lauryn Hill. Listeners can access these unique Spotify features through Canvas, Storylines, and Playlist Clips.

Although perhaps more interesting is the special content dedicated to the second part of the final season of La Casa De Papel. And it is that we will not only be able to find the music of the series, but we will also have an official playlist of the program that will include the tracks of the last episodes, as well as a complete multimedia experience with new videos of the cast. Additionally, dedicated fans will also be able to take their connection to the show one step further, with a special questionnaire that will allow us to discover and access a specific list of songs for each of the characters in La Banda.

Thus, we can also find some official playlists of television hits such as Bridgerton and On My Block, as well as the official soundtrack of programs such as Squid Game, Bruised or the recently released action live reversal of Cowboy Bebop. Although we will not only have music, adding other content equally related to Netflix such as Okay, Now Listen, Netflix Is A Daily Joke, 10/10 (I would recommend) and The Crown: The Official Podcast podcasts.

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