Spotify and Visa give you 150 euros to advertise your business in Ad Studio

The project that Spotify and Visa have launched in Spain is a replica of what they are already doing in other countries, such as the United States. Thus, both companies are helping Spanish SMEs to promote their businesses through Ad Studio, Spotify’s advertising platform for businesses, which enables the creation ‘self serve’ ads in as little as 24 hours for businesses of all sizes.

Thus, small businesses and entrepreneurs in Spain who want to advertise on Spotify with Ad Studio they will receive €150 in their first campaign, when paying with a Visa card. This promotion will be available until August 15.

Digital audio consumption is growing at a remarkable rate across Europe and Spotify is the audio platform of choice for many. With Ad Studio, we’re making it easier for businesses of all sizes to harness our unique data and insights to reach these users and achieve the impact they’re looking for. And thanks to Visa, even more businesses will be able to harness the power of audio.”declares Rodrigo González Lama, Head of Sales of Spotify for Spain.

Roble Dorronsoro, Responsible for Merchants and Visa Acceptance in southern Europe, points out that “This agreement with Spotify is one more example of the efforts that Visa has been making for some time to support small businesses in Spain to make their leap to digitization, where through various initiatives in collaboration with public and private entities we are promoting the digitization of their payments and their visibility in the online environment to help their businesses prosper”.

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How does Spotify Ad Studio work?

Regardless of the size of the business, Ad Studio can help companies and entrepreneurs reach their audience starting at 250 euros. Advertisers can easily take advantage of Ad Studio’s targeting options to connect with their audience, taking into account real-time and contextual targeting parameters based on playlist and podcast listening behavior, location and demographic data, among others.

The service offers free creative and intuitive design tools and production of the commercials, such as background music and voiceovers, allowing the creation of the commercial from scratch in less than 24 hours. Advertisers also have the option to upload their own advertising audio and video directly to the platform.

To measure the effectiveness and results of campaigns, the service also enables access to campaign reports within a few hours of its launch. For ads promoting music, attribution statistics are also available that show how the ad has impacted Spotify streams and listener growth.

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