Spotify challenges TikTok: this is its new vertical video format

The music app Spotify is testing a new feature that will allow the transmission of videos in a vertical format, very similar to the one that the short videos app TikTok currently has. Apparently this new tool will allow users to easily scroll between videos.

Discover This is the name given to the new function, which according to Spotify will allow vertical scrolling to navigate between video and video, with the option to “like” or “skip” if desired.

This new function is located in the navigation bar, within the Spotify app, between the “Start” button and the “Search” bar. Although for now it is not available to all users, so it is expected to gradually reach new accounts.

What do we know about the new Spotify feature?

Spotify has not confirmed this new addition, which has been discovered by Chris Messina, this user shared through a tweet a video where the operation of it is appreciated in detail, and which has already been compared by several users with the dynamism that drive TikTok.

Chris Messina told TechCrunch that such a feature was discovered using a version of test on iOS, called TestFlight, that is why it is not available to users outside the program. As with other trial versions, this feature could change dramatically upon its official arrival.

Another novelty that he shares with the social network of short videos, is the possibility of liking the songs through a heart-shaped icon, along with a section that allows you to consult more information about the song in progress (which appears with three dots).

Last but not least, this new update could come with a completely renewed Canvas format, which will be placed before the beginning of the song. This will be a short video, with an average duration of 3 to 8 seconds, which will replace the album cover, also presenting itself in vertical format.


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