Spotify changes its design on Android and iOS and is inspired by TikTok

Spotify is launching what it calls its biggest app overhaul yet, a “dynamic” new mobile interface aimed at giving listeners a more active role in discovering new audio content and giving creators new ways to share their work.

Spotify has just rolled out a major overhaul to its app’s home screen that the company says will improve discovery and create more meaningful connections between artists and fans. The change comes as the service revealed it now has more than 500 million monthly active listeners.

Spotify’s home screen now features a preview feed of music, shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and other content that users can save, share, or explore, as well as new video feeds to find out in the Research section.

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The Spotify app gets a big overhaul

The Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks sections will no longer be a series of album and podcast covers stacked next to each other. Indeed, they will now give you the possibility of scroll purposefully » the new streams where Spotify will offer you preview audio and video clips.

This vertical presentation of the feed is very similar to that of TikTok, which shows previews of content alongside videos made by creators that take up the entire screen. Spotify playlists, such as Discovery Weekly and Rap Caviar, will also offer previews and videos.

Everything, of course, is based on your usage, which helps Spotify find what you might like. Spotify explains that these changes are intended to make its user interface more lively and interactive.

Other features announced include a new “Smart Shuffle” which Spotify says will breathe new life into playlists by recommending songs based on the “feel” of your playlist. These recommended titles will be highlighted with a sparkle icon and will appear all three titles in a playlist of more than 15 titles. The feature also offers new titles every time you use it.

There’s also “Autoplay for Podcasts,” which automatically starts a new podcast based on what you like when a podcast ends. However, Smart Shuffle will only be available to paid subscribers.

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