Spotify copies Apple Music and will go up in price

At this time many users around the globe use streaming services to enjoy their favorite music. This is something that we can do both for free and by paying a subscription. Platforms like the popular Spotify or Apple Music They are a good example of all this.

Whereas a few years ago we paid for specific music releases for personal playback, now we pay a monthly subscription to enjoy millions of songs. It is more than likely that music lovers will greatly appreciate this business model. Along these same lines, we are going to focus on what could be considered the benchmark for streaming music, which is none other than Spotify.

This is a service that over the last few years has not stopped growing both in users and in content and quality of this We have at our fingertips a series of clients that allow us to enjoy all our music both on desktop computers and on mobile devices. All this for a base price of 9.99 euros. From then on we already have joint plans with which we can save money and share our personal account. It is worth knowing that we also have a free plan, but with certain restrictions on use and full of advertising.

Well, now we are going to tell you that there is going to be an important change in this well-known streaming music service. Let’s start from the basis that Spotify is gradually growing its share of paying users, which translates into major improvements as for the income obtained from the platform.

Spotify will raise the price to listen to music

At this time it has more than 450 million users assets that listen to your music catalog. However, despite all the growth that little by little this online service is acquiring in terms of its income, paying users are going to find themselves facing unpleasant news in a few months. We tell you all this because the subscription will go up in price in time. To give you an idea of ​​all this that we tell you, we have been able to learn this information from the company’s own CEO.

It is something that he has commented on publicly just a few hours ago, information that probably does not end up liking paying users. And it is that daniel ek just announced that subscribers to the online music service will experience a price increase at some point during the next year 2023. It is true that almost no one likes anything that is a price increase. But if we are honest, the truth is that the price for the individual Spotify subscription that we mentioned before has been without movement for a long time.

But despite all this, when the time comes and users see a rise in their Spotify bill, they will surely not applaud it. Even more so if we take into consideration that the income and profits of the company are increasing month by month.

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