Spotify is testing $ 0.99 per month subscription with ads

A new subscription offer is currently being tested by Spotify. At 0.99 €, it would continue to be supported by advertising, but would lift certain restrictions on listening on the go.

After YouTube, it is Spotify’s turn to test a “Lite” formula for its subscription. The Swedish streaming giant offers a limited number of users a plan at 0.99 € per month supported by advertising.

What does the € 0.99 formula contain?

This formula called “Spotify Plus” costs a tenth of the usual price of a Spotify subscription. It offers more freedom compared to a free account. It allows you to choose the title you want to listen to on mobile rather than just listening to your playlists in random mode. Subscribers can also switch between songs as often as they like rather than being limited to a certain number per hour. The ads continue to punctuate the listening at this price on the other hand.

The details of the formula obtained by The Verge // Source: The Verge

There is no guarantee that this subscription formula will be democratized after its test phase. ” We are currently testing an ad-supported subscription plan with a limited number of our users. Some tests end up paving the way for new offerings or improvements, while others only teach lessons. “, Warns the brand.

A fifth Premium offer?

For Spotify, it is a way of building the loyalty of customers who are not yet ready to pay € 10 per month, but who would still like to ease the constraints on their mobile listening. If this offer is made official, it will join the other four Premium offers which range from € 4.99 per month to € 15.99 per month.

By increasing its offers, Spotify hopes to convince more and more people to subscribe to a paid offer. The company is coming out of a difficult year with global lockdowns that left little room for listening to music in the car or on public transport. According to the site Les Jours, the listening time during the first week of confinement last year fell between 5 and 15%.

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