Spotify skips songs and crashes, disable this feature

In these times, music lovers have a multitude of streaming platforms at their fingertips to enjoy their favorite songs and artists. A clear example of all this can be found in Spotifyan online service of this type where we find practically any content of these characteristics.

We can enjoy all of this both from our desktop computer and from a mobile device. For this, the platform offers us a series of applications specially designed for these devices. For example, if we work with our Windows-based desktop computer, we have a useful application at our fingertips that we can easily download and install.

It will allow us to access our account through the corresponding access credentials. This way we will have at our disposal all our playlists and at the same time we will have the possibility to search for new artists, genres and themes. But that is not all, since the client that we are talking about and that we installed in Windows It also offers us a good number of parameters to customize the set. This means that we can modify the settings of the music application to adapt its operation to what we need.

However, there are certain functions built in here that sometimes give us more problems than solutions. This is precisely the case that we want to talk about in these same lines. And it is that we can find ourselves before the situation that the songs that we play on Spotify are blockedor even the app skips them. These errors may be caused by a specific function proposed by the music platform client.

Why does Spotify skip songs or crash

Obviously, if we detect blockages or malfunctions in playing songs, the first thing we should do is check that the Internet connection works correctly. But all of this may be due to a feature integrated into the platform client that it is not always advisable to keep activated. Specifically, we are referring to the so-called hardware acceleration that we may have seen in many other software solutions.

This is a function that initially helps us take advantage of and get the most out of the Spotify client in this case. In reality, this way we achieve that the program uses the maximum of the hardware available at that moment in our computer to improve the user experience the client’s. However, if we are faced with the problems of song cuts and skipping mentioned above, this can also be due to the aforementioned functionality.

And it is that by default the mentioned Hardware acceleration on Spotify comes activated. However, in the event that we are working with a somewhat old or limited equipment in terms of internal specifications, this feature can harm us more than benefit. Therefore, if we find the bugs that we have mentioned, we should try to disable this acceleration.

In order to deactivate this functionality we tell you, the first thing we do is click on the icon of our user to access the program settings. In the new window that appears we must locate the section called Compatibility. This is where we find a selector, by default active, that says Enable hardware acceleration. We just have to turn it off. From that moment the errors the reproduction of music content on Spotify They should be fixed by now.

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