Spotify tries to adopt vertical videos, TikTok-style

The Spotify’s aspirations to become a social network (in the same way that YouTube is) are not something new. It started in a discreet way, with the integration of Facebook that allowed you to see what music your contacts are listening to, and since then it has been progressing in this regard. And yes, we agree, Spotify is mainly a music streaming service, but the integration of social functions is always a plus in terms of engagement of the user and, consequently, of the time that he spends in the service.

Thus, Spotify is permeable to social media trends, and the latest example of this is found in a new function that, according to TechCrunch, is already being tested on the platform. What is it about? Well of the most popular vertical videos, which have emerged thanks to TikTok, and that have special acceptance among the youngest users, that is, precisely those who swell the millionaire audiences of TikTok.

The discovery was made by Chris Messina, who tweeted a video in which you can see this new function, still in tests, in operation. After the discovery, Spotify has confirmed that it is indeed conducting tests in this regard, although it has not confirmed if the function will finally reach all users or if, if so, when we can expect it to be widely deployed.

At Spotify, we routinely run a series of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the way for our user experience and others serve only as important learning. We have no more news to share at this time.»Is the response given by a Spotify spokesperson to TechCrunch.

This new feature goes by the name of Discover and is integrated into Canvas, a function provided by Spotify to artists and that allows them to create videos that they add to their feed and that can be played when the user accesses their catalog on the platform. Now, with this test, what is done is to create a specific version of Canvas for smartphones (although potentially its content should also be accessible from other devices), thus taking advantage of the aspect ratio of these devices.

This is not, as I said before, the first time that Spotify studies the adoption of functions that have already succeeded in other social networks. The clearest example we had almost a year ago, when it became known that the company was testing a story function. An experiment that, however, finally did not come to fruitionSince then we have not heard anything about it.

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